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February 10, 2019

Ariana Grande Won Her First-Ever Grammy Award Despite Skipping The Show Because Of A Fight With Producers

After her win for best pop vocal album, Grande tweeted simply, "Fuck."


Saying goodbye to the love of my life.

27 People Got Brutally Real About Having Friends With Kids

"Show me one or two photos of the kids. Not the whole album."

I, A 27-Year-Old Single Woman, Am Using Bumble For The First Time

It has come to my attention that dating is not fun.

Olivia Colman Won The BAFTA For Leading Actress And Her Speech Was As Hilarious As You'd Expect

"It's got my name on it, but we can scratch in some other names."

Here's How The Celebs Reacted To The BAFTA's Painfully Awkward Opening Monologue

I've never seen so many awkward-looking celebrities.

19 Aussie Canteen Foods Ranked From "Yeah, Nah" To "I Need This Right Now"

It's a known fact that sausage rolls are better than meat pies, right?

19 People Who Fought Tequila And Lost

Tequila can get... messy.

Amy Klobuchar Announced She's Running For President, In A Snowstorm

The Democrat has been elected by huge margins in Minnesota, where she's built a reputation for bipartisanship. Over the last week, her reputation as a very demanding boss has also emerged.

Crystal Ro • 6 hours ago

Here Are The Winners Of The 2019 BAFTA Film Awards

The Favourite won seven awards, including Outstanding British Film, Leading Actress and Supporting Actress. However, Roma won Best Film and won four awards in total.

Ralph Northam Said He's "Not Going Anywhere" And Intends To Stay In Office To Help Virginia "Heal"

The governor—who admitted to previously wearing blackface—told CBS' Gayle King that he won't step down, and that he'll help the state move forward.

What's The Best Cooking Hack You Learned In Culinary School?

Are you a current or former culinary student? Then share your hacks!

17 Hardworking Dogs Who Are Just Trying To Make An Honest Living

*steals your food off the table and then steals your job*

These Pictures Show Just How Perfect The Grammys Were In The '90s

On the occasion of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, here's a look back at the show's fashions, faces, and performances in the 1990s.

Aprenda a fazer estas quatro receitas de crepes

Tão deliciosos que vai ser difícil escolher um só!

両親の「孫を持つ」という夢 僕は彼らの望みを叶えることはできない


Michelle Rodriguez Has Apologised For Defending Liam Neeson

"I now realise how insensitive it was, and I had no intention of invoking such a terrible historical comparison."

33 Super Useful Products To Help You Get Through The Week

Caffeinated mints, a life-changing antiperspirant, a milk frother, and more awesome goods to help you get through loooooooooong weeks.






「歳をとることは悲しいことじゃない。おばさんになってるヒマはない。“この年齢だからこうしなきゃいけない” なんて決まりは存在しない。」

不正確なGoogleマップで遺体発見に至らず 自治体の正確な地図を使っていれば


Uniqlo Uの新作、絶対買うべきなのはこれ! 色違いで集めたい...!

Uniqlo(ユニクロ)のデザイナーコラボ「Uniqlo U(ユニクロ・ユー)」の新作が登場!中でもおすすめの小物「サコッシュ」は、普段遣いや旅行にぴったりでおすすめです。

Kids Are Weird, Man — And These Tweets About The Things They've Said Prove It

"My niece asked me why I always wear the same tattoos."













The Disney Parks Mom Panel Knows Disney Better Than Anyone And They're Telling Their Secrets

If you plan on visiting Disney World or Disneyland, you need to read this.

関東の雪をスマホで写真に撮ってTwitterに! 気象研究所が呼びかけ




Time To Find Out Once And For All What Hogwarts House You Really Belong In

Everyone thinks they belong in Gryffindor, but how about letting the Sorting Hat decide?

15 TV Characters Who Were Actually Created For Specific Actors

Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls originally wasn't a character.



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