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    19 Aussie Canteen Foods Ranked From "Yeah, Nah" To "I Need This Right Now"

    It's a known fact that sausage rolls are better than meat pies, right?

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    19. Fizzer

    18. Ovalteenies

    17. Sesame Snaps

    16. Popcorn


    Isha: Popcorn was the ~healthy~ option at my canteen but it was still a decent snack. 6/10

    Jenna: Sure, it might be a little basic, but who doesn’t love popcorn? 6.5/10

    Michelle: Popcorn is the most boring of all the snacks and should only be eaten at the movies slathered in butter. Sorry. 2/10

    Tastiness ranking: 4.8/10

    15. Sunnyboy

    @fromonemum / Via Twitter: @fromonemum

    Isha: Sunnyboys are lit but they’re also messy AF. 7/10

    Jenna: YEAH BOY. 6/10

    Michelle: Meh. Zooper Doopers were cheaper and had more fun flavours. 3/10

    Tastiness ranking: 5.3/10

    14. Eucalyptus Drops

    13. Nutella snacks

    @Ddlazo / Via Flickr: ddlazophotography

    Isha: I still don't get WHY this snack existed (it's basically a small portion of Nutella in a plastic tub??) but that never stopped me from eating it. 7/10

    Jenna: It was a good day when I got to have one of these. 8/10

    Michelle: Guys, what kind of schools were you going to get snacks like Nutella?! While very yum, it’s not really anything if it’s not spread on some fresh, white bread. 4/10

    Tastiness ranking: 6.3/10

    12. Rainbow straps

    11. J.J. Snacks

    Isha: Honestly, I would do anything to get my hands on a packet of pizza-flavoured J.J.s. Cronch, cronch, cronch. 10/10

    Jenna: I have no idea what these are. Sorry guys. 0/10


    Tastiness ranking: 6.7/10

    10. Ghost Drops

    9. Mamee noodles

    8. Mini pizzas

    McCain / Via

    Isha: Idk if it was just me but I always found mini pizzas to be slightly disappointing. They sounded great in theory but were usually a little sad and soggy by the time you got them. 6/10

    Jenna: My own personal pizza? Don’t mind if I do. 8/10

    Michelle: Big YOM. BIG, BIG YOM. They were always soggy at the bottom though because the canteen ladies would microwave them for too long. But still, pizza at school. 9/10

    Tastiness ranking: 7.7/10

    7. Zooper Dooper

    6. Meat pie

    5. Sausage roll

    4. Chocolate milk

    3. Paddle Pop

    2. Potato pie

    Puckles / Via

    Isha: This tops regular meat pies any day of the week. 8/10

    Jenna: Oh shit, yes. I forgot about these until right now. Yum. 10/10

    Michelle: Potato pies are SO good. They made an average meat pie so much better. Ripping off the crusty potato skin was the greatest part. 10/10

    Tastiness ranking: 9.3/10

    1. Pizza Roundas

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