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    Here's How The Celebs Reacted To The BAFTA's Painfully Awkward Opening Monologue

    I've never seen so many awkward-looking celebrities.

    In case you didn't know, the BAFTAs were held in London this evening, with an array of celebrity guests, including royalty, in attendance.

    However, things didn't get off to a great start with the opening monologue, delivered by host Joanna Lumley, falling flat with both the celebs at the ceremony and viewers at home.

    The first joke wasn't too bad, with Joanna revealing that Bradley Cooper had been nominated for five awards. She added: "That means he's a multi-talented human, although it does also probably mean he needs to learn to delegate."

    She then moved on to The Favourite, cracking this joke: "What a master stroke it was in calling it The Favourite. Next year, no doubt there'll be a film called And The BAFTA Goes To..."

    Next up, Joanna addressed Steve Coogan, saying: "I'm indebted to him for helping me [put on] my Queen outfit earlier. Thank you Steve, that's another fine dress you've got me into."

    Joanna then drew attention to the director and stars of BlacKkKlansman, saying: "It's an incredible film. It's already won many awards, although to be honest I'm surprised it did so well at the Klan Film Festival."

    But things didn't end there! Joanna went on to reference Claire Foy's space movie, First Man, by saying: "And Claire, if you should be so lucky as to win tonight, make your way out of your row, along the aisle, and then it’s one small step and one giant leap onto the stage."

    Then she made this joke about method acting while addressing Christian Bale's role in Vice: "As a true method actor, Christian seemed to transform into Dick Cheney. He gained weight, shaved his head and instigated an illegal war. Now that's commitment."

    Richard E. Grant's role in Can You Ever Forgive Me? was the next to be roasted. Joanna said: "Honestly, an actor can wait decades for a role like that – just slightly less than you had to wait for a reply from Barbara Streisand wasn't it darling?"

    She then moved onto Viola Davis, referencing her part in the movie Widows: "A fantastic female heist movie. And it's great to see parts normally played by men given to women. After all, it's important for female bank robbers to have role models, too."

    And she rounded things off by praising Alfonso Cuarón, the director of Roma, for his six nominations. "That's one more than Bradley Cooper," she said. "So come on, pull your finger out next time, Bradley."

    Within minutes of the monologue ending, Twitter was awash with criticism, with people drawing particular attention to the "Klan Film Festival" joke.

    Did Joanna Lumley really just make a joke about the Ku Klux Klan!? #EEBAFTAs #BAFTAs

    Script writers at Bafta have let Joanna Lumley down tonight. I mean, Klan film festival? Just nope #bafta

    But many others dragged the scriptwriters.

    Just watched a bit of the BAFTAs. You’d think with all the experience the academy has to hand it could find someone capable of writing a decent script for Joanna Lumley.

    And revealed how much they were cringing.

    I love Joanna Lumley and she looks absolutely fabulous presenting the #BAFTAs2019 but the jokes really are falling very flat... time for a new host next year perhaps? #BAFTA

    Script writers at Bafta have let Joanna Lumley down tonight. I mean, Klan film festival? Just nope #bafta

    Joanna Lumley... the jokes are just absolutely terrible #cringe #baftas2019

    Oh well, we still have next year...