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    Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Threw Their Daughter Stormi A First Birthday Party And It Was Really Something

    "Stormi can't even talk and she already called me a broke bitch"

    So this past weekend, beauty mogul Kylie Jenner and her partner Travis Scott hosted their daughter Stormi's first birthday party.

    And true to the Kardashian-Jenner tradition of opulence and all things extra, it was extra. In every way possible. The theme? Stormi World.


    A nod to Travis' most recent album, ASTROWORLD

    Kaylie Plauche

    With features including carnival rides, a bubble room and a butterfly garden.


    And don't get us started on the details. From custom food containers to a full scale merchandise store, the Stormi World experience was the place to be this weekend.

    A pretzel umbrella, because how else would you want to be served pretzels?

    A wall adorned with jumbo teddy bears.

    Other features of the party included the intricately detailed carousel cake decorated to match the theme created by Julie Simon Cakes.

    Kylie and Travis pulled out all the stops and even had YouTube sensation Baby Shark stop by and perform for attendees.

    Travis Scott dancing to baby shark is the best thing of 2019

    The party even came complete with personalised bins.

    So we all knew #StormiWorld would be extra af, but personalised trash cans? TRASH CANS???? #Stormi

    And what first birthday party is complete without being gifted a baby Chanel purse? courtesy of Dj Khaled.

    My brother @travisscott and his queen @kyliejenner invited me to Stormi BDAY PARTY. AS A FATHER I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT ITS IS TO GIVE OUR KIDS THE BEST LIFE AND THE BEST BDAY PARTYS ! MY SON AND QUEEN wasn’t in town so I came to represent for the KHALED FAMLIY and wish STORMI …

    For those questioning why aunt Kim Kardashian-West wasn't present, the mum-of-three was at her make-up masterclass and is also sad she missed out on the party.

    So sad I missed Stormi’s bday party 😢 It got postponed due to the rain and today I had my Masterclass

    While some people are still wondering what happened to their invite.

    me watching Stormi’s birthday party #StormiWorld #stormi #StormiWebster

    Me sneaking into Stormi’s birthday party

    And some people can't escape this really intense feeling or being poor.

    Stormi can't even talk and she already called me a broke bitch

    can y’all believe i’m really sitting here jealous over little stormi’s birthday party right now? 😂😩😭

    Stormi got a whole Fair to herself for her 1st birthday, we can just guess what she'll have for her 18th and 21st birthdays #stormiworld

    Me after seeing the party @KylieJenner threw for her baby’s 1st birthday 🤦🏾‍♀️ #stormiworld

    As a broke person, I am personally offended by Kylie Jenner’s insta story. Stormi’s birthday party looked insane. How can a one year old be gifted with Chanel before me?

    If I had the money that Kylie does YOU BEST BELIEVE I WOULD PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS FOR MY CHILD’S BIRTHDAY!! Stormiworld looks amazing!!! Kylie did the damn thing for her baby girl!! #StormiWorld

    It’s Stormi’s world and we’re just living in it

    It's Stormi's world....we're just living in it...from a distance...via social media.

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