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February 9, 2019

Choose 6 Snacks And We'll Give You A Pop Album To Listen To

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.

Only '90s Kids Can Get A 10/10 On This Quiz

It was the greatest decade to be a kid.

17 Things Teens Do In Movies That Literally Make No Sense

"How come teenagers have so much time in the morning in movies? They'll literally go for breakfast or track down a dead body before class."

These Are The 17 Types Of Upholstered Passenger Seats We've All Seen Before

Where do these fuzzy bus seat prints come from??

8 Things That Celebs Revealed On Talk Shows This Week

A lot of talk about marriage and babies this week!

Kanye West Is Being Sued By The Parents Of The Girl Praying At The Start Of "Ultralight Beam"

Andrew and Shirley Green also said West never paid for the sample, as promised.

Which Disney Hero And Sidekick Are You A Perfect Combo Of?

"Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it."

A Sportscaster Was Arrested For Tearing The Word "Plantation" Off A Sign At His Gated Florida Community

Warner Wolf, who called baseball, local sports, and the Olympics, often complained about the name of Classics Plantation Estates.

22 Employees Shared Their Dirtiest Company Secrets And Now I Have Trust Issues

"Funeral homes will absolutely take advantage of grieving people."

23 Unrealistic Things That Always Happen To Women In Movies

That wearing heels while running makes sense.

Is Tom Hiddleston Or Michael B. Jordan Your Soulmate?

Let these two Feb. 9 birthday babies duke it out for your heart.

Prince Philip Is Giving Up His Driver's License After He Got In A Car Crash

The 97-year-old royal got into a crash that overturned his car last month.

16 Period Moments That Annoy The Heck Out Of Women

Why must you hurt us like this?

16 Clueless Things People Have Said About Endometriosis, According To People Who Have It

“You should find a man, settle down now, have a few kids, and then get all your plumbing taken out.”

22 Women Who Were Straight Up Comical This Week

"Therapy is like someone gently walking through your brain and looking around like, 'This how you living??'"

23 Movie References That Are Hiding In Your Favorite Disney Films

What connects Mulan to Rambo and Finding Nemo to The Shining?

22 Products For Anyone Who's Always Running Late

Raise your hand if you're *that* friend 👀🙋🏽

This Tory Minister Says She's "Bored To Sobs" Of Fighting The Backbench Tory MPs She Called A "Posse Of Old Buffers"

Claire Perry made the comments in WhatsApp messages leaked to BuzzFeed News after Tory MP Chris Chope blocked anti-FGM legislation.

Você é trouxa?

O teste definitivo!

Find Out If You Got Duped By The Internet With This Week's Fake News Quiz

This week we have stories about the heart eyes emoji, Tom Brady, and a man who came back to life.

16 Tweets From This Week Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

"I would let Marie Kondo reorganize the organs in my body."

21 Jokes You'll Only Understand If Your Life Is A Hot Mess

"If a demon possessed me I'd just be like OK take it from here good luck man"

A Disney Channel Character Came Out As Gay To His Friend And Basically Made History

"This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman."

Nicole Scherzinger Gave Us All The Tea On "The Masked Singer"

"We can say whatever the flip we want."

Here’s Why So Many Americans Feel Cheated By Their Student Loans

A social and financial divide is forming — between those who have student debt, and those who do not — that will have ramifications for decades to come.

23 Healthy Power Snacks That Actually Taste Good

Easy and healthy snacks that actually taste good.

Vergewaltigt auf Europas Feldern - wir haben die beschuldigten Unternehmen in Berlin konfrontiert

Den Unternehmen wird unter anderem vorgeworfen, dass Vorgesetzte Arbeiterinnen vergewaltigt und gekidnappt haben sollen.

“Now You Have A Seven-Hour Rehearsal Where You Have To Sing And Cry": After Parkland Students Survived The Shooting, Their Show Had To Go On

Dave Cullen captured inside details of how a group of teens grew into leading activists of the #NeverAgain movement. Read an exclusive first excerpt of his book Parkland out Feb. 12.

Senior European Diplomats Believe Theresa May Has Embarked On A “Buy Time” Strategy

Exclusive: A diplomatic note seen by BuzzFeed News reveals that senior European diplomats think the prime minister is trying to “buy time” with MPs – and the risks of a “no deal by accident” are increasing.




マジな話、デカすぎて流れないんだもん!'s Warehouse Sale Is Here...And Now I Have No More Money

Stock up on clothes and accessories at up to 80% off.







Which Bob Ross Paint Color Are You?

Are you electric Phthalo Green or classic Titanium White?

Let's Find Out Which Song From "Mary Poppins Returns" Represents You Best

Is it your favorite? Don't worry, every song is good!

Tell Us Your "Thank U, Next" Opinions And We'll Reveal Your Greatest Quality

Step aside, Sweetener, thank u, next is my new shower playlist.

関東地方に大雪注意報 「すべって転ばないために」覚えておきたいこと




23 Bizarre And Disturbing Facts Guaranteed To Ruin Your Childhood

Did you know the Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz was made of real lion hair?




メリーチョコレートの「マ プティット ミネット」レビューです。

The Fight Over The Michael Jackson Doc "Leaving Neverland" Is Getting Ugly

"People should reserve judgment until they see the film," a spokesperson for HBO said.



29 Modern Dating Tweets That Will Make You LOL And Say, "So True!"

"Can't believe I just have to keep dating until someone likes me back or I die."

Which TV Character Did You Fall In Love With Based Only On Their First Scene?

Rachel Green walking into Central Perk in her wedding dress.



25 Things Under $25 That'll Upgrade Your Life

Super fast-drying nail polish, a genius salad slicer, a luxe bath mat, and more affordable products you'll wonder how you lived without.


カルディ「メゾンドヴィエノワズリー クロワッサン」はぜひ常備してほしい冷凍パン! いつでも焼きたてが食べられます。

We Know Which Style Icon You Should Follow Based On Your Style Preferences

You'll be Vogue-worthy after taking this advice!

New Parents Need To Know This Baby Hack That Swept The Internet In 2014

It's probably the most viral baby hack of all time.

Answer These 20 Questions And We'll Tell You Your Dominant Personality Trait

This is the most accurate personality quiz you'll take today.

Sorry, But Only The Biggest Fans Of "The Office" Can Take This Trivia Quiz

This one will separate the Jims from the Dwights.



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