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February 21, 2019

Test Your "Twilight" Trivia Skills With This Quiz

Are you a real Twilight expert?

Get Your Printable Oscars Ballot And Bingo Cards Before The Big Night

Print them out, make your predictions, and win bragging rights among your friends at your Oscars watch party.

The World Is Disgusted With How Americans Eat Popcorn

The world is very very wrong on this one.

Two More Women Are Accusing R. Kelly Of Sexual Misconduct When They Were Teens

The women, now 39 and 40, held a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred to announce their allegations.

22 Dirt-Destroying Vacuums That People Actually Swear By

Powerful machines for every price point.

Este quiz te dirá qué tan fuerte es tu adicción a Confetti

Pásale este quiz a ~ese amigo~ que se ha gastado sus datos jugando y se desaparece diario a las 6:30 PM.

Gerard Way sale en 'The Umbrella Academy' y seguro ni te diste cuenta

¿Notaste la "pequeña" aparición del exvocalista de My Chemical Romance y creador de la serie?

A Series Of Text Messages And Secret Meetings Is How Prosecutors Say Jussie Smollett Staged His Attack

Prosecutors provided a detailed timeline of how they believe the Empire actor staged an attack.

Forma una banda emo y te diremos tu fortaleza más grande

Podrías ser el nuevo My Chemical Romance.

Just 19 Photos Of "Roma" Star Yalitza Aparicio Hanging Out With Your Fave Celebrities

BRB looking at these photos every day until the Oscars!!!

What Self-Care Ritual Never Fails To Put You In A Better Mood?

2019 is the year of self-care and self-love.

Opinion: Howard Schultz Wants A Billionaire's Veto Over The Primaries. Will Democrats Call His Bluff?

The Starbucks billionaire says he might cancel plans for a third-party presidential run — provided Democrats nominate a centrist he approves of.

Frota avança na Secretaria da Cultura e nomeia mais um — agora na área da diversidade

Primeiro, Frota emplacou seu biógrafo como secretário do Audiovisual. Agora, conseguiu nomear o secretário da Diversidade Cultural.

There’s Going To Be A New Election In North Carolina After Evidence Of Fraud Was Revealed

The state’s election board voted unanimously to redo the November midterm election at the center of an elaborate, chaotic voting fraud scandal.

All The TV And Movies That Are New On Hulu In March

Brand-new series like Shrill and The Act arrive this month, along with some classic films you'll likely want to revisit.

Roger Stone Can No Longer Talk About His Case — Or Robert Mueller — After Posting A Photo Of The Judge With Crosshairs

Stone testified in his defense on Thursday, saying he was "kicking myself over my own stupidity" for posting a photo of the judge on Instagram with what appeared to be a crosshairs symbol. The judge said his apology "rings quite hollow."

"Russian Doll" Is Better At Video Game Storytelling Than Most Video Game Adaptations

Netflix's delightful time-looping series is one of a few recent titles that take inspiration from gameplay. Spoilers for Russian Doll and Serenity.

27 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Bathroom

A gold vanity organizer, a Squatty Potty, a fish bathmat, and 24 other things from Walmart you never knew your bathroom needed!

Here Are All Of The Celebrities Covering Magazines This March

Gorgeous shots of Lupita Nyong'o, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Lana Condor, Kendall Jenner, and more.

13 filmes que por incrível que pareça foram indicados ao Oscar

E pode parecer mentira, mas alguns deles até venceram!

Which Disney Prince Is Your Actual Soulmate?

When you wish upon a Disney prince....

Seu(sua) parceiro(a) atual é a pessoa certa para você?

Vocês vão viver felizes para sempre – ou não?

Maduro anuncia fechamento da fronteira com o Brasil, dois dias antes de Bolsonaro enviar mantimentos

Prevista para sábado, envio de ajuda humanitária à Venezuela é parte do alinhamento de Bolsonaro com Trump.

This Is How Chicago Detectives Cracked The Jussie Smollett Case

Police used a combination of surveillance footage, trips in a cab and Uber, and interviews with two men to charge the Empire actor with a felony.

33 Cleaning Products We Won't Shut Up About — For Good Reason

blah blah blah drain snake, blah blah blah grout pen —OK BUT THEY WORK AND YOU SHOULD TRY THEM!

Immigrants At A Detention Center Were Fed Slimy Meat And Lived In "Inhumane" Conditions. Now There's A Special Hearing

Inspectors found moldy bread, blood from raw chicken leaking in refrigerator units, and other conditions that posed "significant threats" to immigrant detainees.

Dirige una película y te diremos qué Óscar ganarías

¿Tienes todo lo que se necesita para ganar el Óscar a Mejor película?

19 Reasons Why "One Day At A Time" Needs Another Season

I literally cannot stress enough how much you NEED to watch this show.

A High School Teacher's Assignment To Students To Get Katy Perry's Attention Has Gone Viral, But Not Everyone Is Amused

Brian Kwan maintains it's all for "fun" and to relate to his class. But some are accusing him of bribing his students.

14 Juicy Details I Learned After Going On "Couples Court"

Here's what happened when I went on "Couples Court With The Cutlers."

Netflix acaba de anunciar que 'La maldición de Hill House' tendrá una segunda temporada y pues, ¡AAAAAAH!

La segunda temporada tendrá nuevos personajes y contará una nueva historia.

If You Could Ask A Pro Chef A Cooking Question, What Would It Be?

Have a culinary question you wish you could ask a pro? Now's your chance!

People Are Worried About Singapore Airlines' Entertainment System Cameras. Turns Out, American Airlines Has Cameras, Too.

American Airlines told BuzzFeed News that the camera hardware “has never been activated.”

Become A Mermaid And We'll Tell You Your Best Personality Trait

You wanna be where the mermaids are, you wanna see, wanna see 'em swimming!

32 Gorgeous Pieces Of Clothing That Are At *LEAST* 50% Off Right Now

Everything in this post is *at least* 50% off, so you may as well consider it all free. Right? Right?! RIGHT?!!???!

Which Harry Styles Song Are You And What Does That Say About Your Relationship?

♪ Just stop your crying it's a sign of the times... ♪

29 Reasons Portugal Should Be Taken Off Your Travel Bucket List Immediately

Thinking about a trip to Portugal? Think again.

15 Netflix-Dokus, nach denen du zu 1000% schlauer bist

Wenn Leo DiCaprio über Klimawandel redet, höre ich gerne zu...

Courteney Cox mandou um "eu te amo" para a filha durante o incidente com o jatinho da Jennifer Aniston

Courteney e Jennifer estavam com alguns amigos a caminho do México quando um pneu do jatinho particular explodiu – e eles só conseguiram pousar depois de ficarem voando em círculos por quatro horas.

Here's Everything Leaving Hulu This Month

Everything you need to watch before it's gone!

Miley Cyrus Opened Up About Her Marriage To Liam Hemsworth And Being Queer In A Heterosexual Relationship

"We're redefining what it looks like for someone that's a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship."

20 Verdades que te harán sentir no viejo, LO QUE LE SIGUE, si fuiste niño/a en los 90

Déjate tú que Kenan y Kel tienen 40 años, ¡NSYNC se separó hace más de 17!

¿Cuántas de estas cosas aguantarías antes de cortar a alguien?

Veamos si eres una persona paciente o muy neuras.

Ator de "Empire" que disse ter sido agredido é preso por falsa comunicação de crime

Jussie Smollett havia dito à polícia que dois homens jogaram um produto químico nele, colocaram uma corda em seu pescoço e gritaram ofensas homofóbicas e o slogan de Donald Trump "Faça a América grande de novo".

Khloé Kardashian Broke Her Instagram Silence On Jordyn/Tristan To Reveal She's "Betrayed" And "Broken"

"The worst pain is getting hurt by a person you explained your pain to."

11 coisas que eram legais quando você era pequeno e agora não são mais

Ir ao supermercado e ter de pagar, antes era de graça.

Who Is Your Emo Husband?

You gotta marry someone.

25 Products To Make Your Bedroom Impossibly Cozy

Cloud nine has been relocated to your bedroom!

15 German Words That Germany Needs To Explain To The Rest Of The World

"The word 'Frankfurter' describes a sausage OR someone from Frankfurt. So yes, you might get the impression, we're cannibals. We're not."

Eine Grundlagenstudie für die zukünftige psychosoziale Versorgung in Deutschland soll manipuliert worden sein

Der renommierte Psychologe Hans-Ulrich Wittchen soll Mitarbeiter angewiesen haben, Daten zu manipulieren. Wittchen bestreitet das.

40 ideias de frases para comentar na foto do crush

"Me chama de papel higiênico e vem ter um rolo comigo".

"It's Simply Shameful": Chicago Police Blast Jussie Smollett For Staging A "Publicity Stunt"

The Empire actor told police two men threw a chemical on him, called him anti-gay slurs, put a rope around his neck, and shouted, "This is MAGA country."

Morning Update: We’re Gonna Need Mortgages For Phones

A white supremacist terror plan, Jussie Smollett is under arrest, Daniel Radcliffe opens up about drinking. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 21.

Courteney Cox Texted Her Daughter "I Love You" After Fears Her And Jennifer Aniston's Private Jet Would Crash

Courteney and Jennifer were with friends on their way to Mexico when a tire on their private jet exploded, leaving it circling in the air for four hours.

エチュードハウスの新作はチョコの香り! 正直かなり期待できます

ETUDE HOUSEが4月5日に発売する新作リップケアアイテムのポイントをまとめました!




キャンドゥで超人気の「ミランダ」のヘアトリートメントとヘアオイスを全種類レビュー! 香りや使用感を実際に使って確かめてみて、おすすめランキングを作ってみました。どれも100円とは思えないほど超優秀で、コスパが良すぎてびっくり。でも、その中でも特におすすめなのは……?!

The Home Office Is Still Owed Most Of The Fines It Has Issued To Employers Using Undocumented Migrants

“It’s just a failed system, really,” the former head of enforcement at the Home Office told BuzzFeed News.

子連れで電車どうしてる? ガチで役立つアイテム4選


Canadians Think The US Is Just As Likely To Try And Influence The Next Election As China, New Poll Says

A new poll also shows Canadians have little or no confidence that social media companies can prevent foreign entities from interfering in the election.

Alle Erdbeeren werden mit Brownie-Trüffel-Füllung sofort besser

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!





静岡県の人聞こえますか〜! ディズニーランド・シーの入園料が1000円も安くなるよ〜!


Julie Bishop Won't Recontest Her Seat At The Next Election

Former Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop says she won't recontest her seat at the next election, because she thinks the government will win.

A Business That Got 17 Government-Paid Interns But Employed None Has Been Kicked Out Of The PaTH Program

JWM Communications got $17,000 from the government and has not responded to a request to pay the money back, Senate Estimates heard.

Which Fancy Dog Are You?

You classy B.



Trump Said He Ordered His Administration To Withhold Wildfire Aid To California. FEMA Says He Never Did.

The president tweeted that he was cutting off disaster assistance to wildfire survivors to punish California officials. But no record of such an order exists.

What's Something You Overheard Kids Saying To Each Other That Had You Like, "Wow."

Kids save the really weird stuff for when they think no one's listening.

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