Kim Kardashian Just Unfollowed Tristan Thompson And Jordyn Woods On Instagram So Here's What That Means

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    Hi. Let's face the facts: You're nosey, I'm nosey, and that's why we're all very intrigued about this Khloé Kardashian cheating mess. It's human nature! Whatever!

    But in case you somehow haven't heard yet, here's the recap: Yesterday, it was reported that Khloé had split up with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The reason, ALLEGEDLY, was that he had hooked up with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods.

    And while none of the Kardashian-Jenners have released official statements yet, Khloe used a series of emojis on Instagram that kinda, maybe confirmed it was all true...?

    But if you need any further confirmation, here's somethin' new: Kim Kardashian just unfollowed both Tristan and Jordyn on Instagram.

    In KardashianLand, being unfollowed is a whole THING. The family knows that people are constantly checking their follows, and they use that "Unfollow" button real strategically.

    Like last year, Kim unfollowed Tristan after his first cheating scandal broke out. (She then refollowed him later when they made up.)

    When Kanye broke out his MAGA hat last year, a bunch of the sisters unfollowed him on Twitter.

    And the entire family unfollowed their ex-stylist Monica Rose last year, after some mysterious drama went down.

    Basically, unfollowing people is a thing the Kardashians do when they want to send a message to the world. So what are you trying to tell us, Kimberly???

    Here's me furiously checking the other women's follows for the rest of the day: