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    32 Gorgeous Pieces Of Clothing That Are At *LEAST* 50% Off Right Now

    Everything in this post is *at least* 50% off, so you may as well consider it all free. Right? Right?! RIGHT?!!???!

    1. A knit sweater available in a gorgeous lilac color that is *gasp* not black. Pastel colors? In your wardrobe? I guess the times really are changing.

    2. A lush velvet wrap top for babes on a budget. This top = the price of about two morning iced coffees if you're living in NYC. (It is very expensive here. SOS.)

    3. A knit v-neck tee that is very comfy, very versatile, and very affordable. Honestly, what other qualities are there to look for in a wearable soulmate?

    4. A keyhole jumpsuit made from a cozy jersey material, meanwhile you will be feeling extremely comfortable whilst at a fancy, heel-requiring event.

    5. An open-front blazer you can layer over your wrinkled pajama shirt for a look that will fool your boss into believing that you did not just wake up ten minutes ago.

    6. Mid-rise skinny jeans designed to hit right at the ankle, meaning they won't look bunched up and weird when you're wearing your favorite short booties.

    7. A ribbed turtleneck you'll want to snag in all 10 colors. This is the perfect top for both lounging around and grabbing dinner with your best mates.

    8. A padded down jacket guaranteed to keep you extremely warm, even when the weather outside can best be described as "my face hurts."

    9. A cropped knit sweater you can pair with some high-waisted denim, your favorite jewelry, and BAM! You're ready for both a casual lunch *or* a night out on the town.

    10. An off-the-shoulder midi dress because having a go-to LBD is as vital as oxygen. You simply can't survive without it. Dramatic? Always. But am I right? Also always.

    11. A cable knit sweater because winter may suck (no offense), but at least it calls for cozy apparel that makes the cold almost enjoyable.

    12. An open-front knit cardigan you'll want to keep in your freezing cold office, where the AC seems to consider Antarctica to be weather paradise.

    13. A cropped puffer coat available in a gorgeous vibrant blue, which will make you stand out against the ugly dreariness that is winter.

    14. A relaxed-fit tunic that is the loveliest of all lovely basics. And yes, you absolutely should purchase this in all nine colors.

    15. A fitted scoopneck top with a fun bullseye belt accent. I guess you can say that this top really hit the bullseye, eh?

    16. An oversized coat you can throw on over blue jeans and a white top for Gatorade trips to corner deli. And guess what? You'll look super put together and not as if you came home at 6:30AM. Woo!

    17. A v-neck corduroy dress that can be paired with a sleeved tee, tights, and booties for the ultimate fall and winter ensemble. OR! Wear it by sans layers in the spring and summer.

    18. A button-front tea blouse you'll find yourself reaching for over and over (and over and over and over) again. Get ready to wear this basic BB every single day.

    19. Black skinny jeans that can be left on the floor of your bedroom. Don't even bother folding them. You'll just wear them again tomorrow.

    20. A knit sweater designed to be reversible — you can wear it as a v-neck or a crewneck. And it's soft? Heavens to BETSY, that is truly fantastic.

    21. A fit-to-flare dress with a gorgeous geometric design. Now I absolutely hate math, but I guess this dress is a worthy exception.

    22. A snake-inspired ruffle skirt that is currently slithering into your shopping cart. Don't worry, it ain't poisonous. (Or maybe it is? I guess just purchase with caution.)

    23. High-rise knit leggings currently in disguise. Their mission? To pass off as fancy work pants that are office-appropriate.

    24. A striped off-shoulder top that I'm going to purchase for myself in preparation for summer. Let me grab my card. I'll be right back.

    25. A faux leather mini skirt so stylish, it'll have you fooling everyone into thinking you have a fashion blog and 507k followers on the 'gram.

    26. An oversized sweater dress you can pair with tights and over-the-knee boots for a look that is as trendy as it is cozy. In the words of the great Hannah Montana, you'll get the best of both worlds.

    27. A cropped floral blouse featuring FLORALS. Spring is so close I can almost freakin' taste it, so let's celebrate by way of allergy-ready style.

    28. A button-front midi dress you can pair with some combat boots for a look that screams "I rode a motorcycle once when I was 15 and I still talk about it ten years later."

    29. An off-the-shoulder top featuring some subtle glitter perfect for nights out on the town. (IDEAL: for nights where you go out for an early dinner and are still home at a reasonable hour, so as to not mess up your sleep schedule.)

    30. A cable knit open-front cardigan available in both yellow and black! One to add some sunshine, the other to match every single item of clothing currently in your closet.

    31. A striped tie-front top that is super lightweight and breezy, making it the perfect shirt for beach vacations and strolls on the boardwalk.

    32. A lace-up mini skirt guaranteed to get you a slew of compliments. Even your enemies will swallow their pride to ask where the HECK you bought it.

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