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What's Something You Overheard Kids Saying To Each Other That Had You Like, "Wow."

Kids save the really weird stuff for when they think no one's listening.

Kids say a lot of wild things:

4-year-old: Why do we have to wear shoes? Me: They protect your feet. 4: No, they trap your feet. *whispers* They’re feet traps.

But they save the REALLY wild things for when they think adults aren’t listening in:

Kids were sitting down around the dinner table. Overheard my 6 y/o tell his 8 y/o cousin, “I am going to grow a beard so long- past my balls.” 😱🤣

I mean, for example:

I just overheard a little kid with a toy phone in this store say to his brother, "Anthony you have a call. It's DEATH."

Like, what even are kids?

Overheard a kid say his parents are buying him blue hair dye. His friend warned he'd go bald. He retorted, "I'd rather be bald than uncool"

Since you clicked on this post, I'm thinking you've overheard a kid say something hilariously memorable:

this morning i overheard a random kid say to his friend "it was called a jumpoline before your mom starting using one" and i've been thinking about it all day

It could have been something adorable:

I just overheard a little kid say he wants to be a double stuffed Oreo when he grows up and honestly that sounds better then my plan

Or something, well, not, lol:

@glowingeyeess @RebelRedR0se i overheard a kid in my class say that you can go into arby’s for 20 minutes and wake up in a freezer without kidneys

Whatever funny/weird/unforgettable thing you overheard a kid say, we want to hear it! Share it in the Dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!