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    I'm Sorry To Inform You That Jenna Fischer Has A Serious Problem With Bread

    I doughn't know if you're bready for this.

    We all know and love Jenna Fischer, who perfectly played Pam Beesly on The Office for nine seasons.


    She's been pretty busy lately, writing a book on acting and co-starring in ABC's Splitting Up Together.

    Unfortunately, I am sorry to be the one who has to tell you this, but Jenna has a problem.


    And that problem is with...bread.


    Don't believe me? Well, here is a screen grab of Jenna's Instagram from a few months ago, full of quality The Office content, shots with co-stars, and selfies:

    And here's a screen grab of her more recent uploads:


    I mean, what is even happening here? Did she actually upload a photo of herself gazing longingly at bread?


    It doesn't end there, though! Look at her stories!

    They're basically all Jenna talking about and making bread!

    As you can clearly see for yourself, Jenna has gotten pretty seriously into baking homemade bread. But you know what? You could have worse problems because who doesn't love bread?

    Also, there's a group of bread baking enthusiasts in Jenna's comments who are dropping amazing bread puns.

    They're also really supportive! Like, maybe I should start baking bread? (BRB, going to watch Jenna's stories.)

    And, honestly, Jenna tried to tell us all the way back in her The Office days.


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