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    The World Is Disgusted With How Americans Eat Popcorn

    The world is very very wrong on this one.

    Welcome to another edition of foods Americans eat that the entire world thinks is vile, gross, and disgusting!

    Last week, I published a post called: 24 Foods The World Is Disgusted That Americans Actually Eat and Americans...were pissed.

    what is ranch and why do americans eat it with everything

    The one food combination that *truly* shocked me and my fellow Americans was that people around the world just don't understand why we put butter on popcorn.

    Yes, buttered popcorn *is* a uniquely American thing.

    Don't believe me? Well you should because there is a whole army of people outside the U.S. that thinks it's vile...

    I'm watching "13 reason why" and why the fuck do Americans put butter on their popcorn that's fucking disgusting

    Wait why do Americans put butter on their popcorn ?? Is it like actual butter ?? I'm so confused wtf

    Why do Americans put butter on their popcorn? Sounds vile

    it's so weird to me that Americans cover their popcorn in butter

    How do Americans eat butter popcorn with melted butter on top 😷

    butter on popcorn taste like a donkeys bellend i don’t know how you americans can eat that shit

    Americans eating popcorn with butter and salt will never cease to disgust me. Probably use a knife and fork 🤮

    hey americans you make popcorn with butter right how the fuck does that work

    Dear all Americans who have butter on their popcorn. What’s up with that? Is it good? Why don’t we have that here in the UK?

    I’m sorry why the fuck are Americans putting butter on popcorn

    I’m scared of Americans because they put butter on popcorn

    popcorn with that extra butter syrup taste like trash americans always ruin everything

    How do americans just pour liquid butter on their popcorn, doesn't it just go all soggy?

    I never got the "popcorn with butter" thing that Americans do. Just doesn't seem like a good combo to me

    So, yes, I wasn't kidding. People are super grossed out by butter on popcorn. But now here's my mini rebuttal.

    FIRST OF ALL, on the molecular level, butter on corn is delicious. And what does corn turn into?!?! OH yeah, POPCORN. Therefore, physics would have it that butter + popCORN = delicious.

    Secondly, if you've never used a self-serve butter popcorn machine you haven't lived.

    The butter that comes out of these machines is delicious/like no other.

    And really, that's it. Logic has it that popcorn and butter is delicious.

    In conclusion, butter and popcorn is delicious and everyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.