If You Do Any Of These 19 Things, You're Honestly The Worst


    If you...

    1. Leave your garbage all over a movie theater:

    2. Or all over a restaurant:

    3. Or all over a library:

    4. Or anywhere, really:

    5. Leave items you don't want anywhere in the grocery store:

    6. Or just leave your trash in an aisle:

    7. Leave your grocery carts in the middle of the parking lot:

    8. Expect stores to stay open JUST for you:

    9. Put your dirty-ass feet in other people's personal space:

    Or just put your dirty feet anywhere:

    10. Leave your clothes all over a dressing room:

    11. Leave your plastic trash all over the great outdoors:

    12. Eat like a monster in public:

    13. Take up an excessive amount of space in an airport:

    14. Park like this:

    15. Put your dirty-ass feet all over a friend's car:

    16. Put your gross gum anywhere put in the trash:

    17. Don't re-rack your weights at the gym:

    18. Honk like a maniac:

    19. And if you tip like this:

    Then guess what! You're the worst kind of person.