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February 17, 2019

2019 People, Tell Us About Finding Something Amazing From The Past

History is all around us, we just have to find it.

Take This Cake Quiz, And We'll Guess Which Day Of The Week You Were Born On

Quick, text your parents to see if we got it right!

Here Are 17 Wholesome Snacks To Try If You're Trying To Eat Healthier

You don't have to give up snacking to eat healthy.

How Many Of These Desserts Have You Actually Tried?

Let's put that sweet tooth to the test.

Just A Few Amazing Things I Learned About Celebrities This Week

Clubbing with Mariah Carey, a surprise from Joanna Gaines, and more.

How Would You Get Eliminated From "The Bachelor" Based On The One-On-One Date You Have?

Whatever the reasoning, you'll have the most dramatic exit of the season.

25 Alternative Songs That Were Huge In 1999

I blame the Y2K scare for some of the music choices we made that year.

23 Cleaning Products Under $10 That Honestly Give Fast Results

For anyone who loves a clean home and also a full bank account!

Drake Just Bought A $400,000 iPhone Case And I Have So Many Questions

Did he only do this because of "Hotline Bling"?

23 Employees Shared Their Dirtiest Company Secrets And I Am Not OK

"The food on a supermarket deli counter is often stuff that's gone or about to go past its best before date."

Only Reading Experts Read At Least 17/24 Of These "Learning To Read" Chapter Books

Some of y'all never read The Magic Tree House while sitting on a circle rug and it shows.

17 Sons And Daughters Who Drunk-Texted Their Parents In The Most Awkward Way Possible

Why drunk-text an ex when you can text your mom instead?

I'm Obsessed With The New "Due To Personal Reasons" Meme

"Due to personal reasons, I will be going to Applebees."

Joe Biden Once Spoke At Strom Thurmond's Memorial Service. How Do People Feel About That Now?

Nearly 20 years ago, Biden eulogized Strom Thurmond, who began his long political career as a segregationist. Some South Carolina Democrats still say that's a good thing — but politics has changed a lot.

This Is What A CBD Facial Is Actually Like

I love CBD, so I wanted to see what CBD was like on my face.

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz, You're Drowning In Fake News

This week we have stories about polar bears, Elon Musk, and an explosive poop.

21 A+ Jokes About Books That Will Make You Snort-Laugh

"My mom's hearing aids are bluetooth wired and she just told me sometimes when she’s in meetings she turns off the listening to people function and just streams audiobooks directly into her ears."

Black Women Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves In Front Of The Mona Lisa And Here's Why

"My hope was that if I shared my photo, other black girls would feel encouraged to as well, and we could reinforce the idea that beauty comes in all forms."

18 Things You May Want To Keep Within Arm's Reach Of Your Bed

This post was brought to you by: me, never wanting to leave my bed.

26 Cool Office Supplies You Can Get For Under $10

We're making Cute Desk Energy a thing in 2019, y'all.



Which Pop Musician Matches Your Personality?

There's a pop superstar inside you. Let's find out who it is.



「五輪の神が池江選手の体を使って..」橋本聖子氏の発言 評価が分かれたわけは






How You Shop At Forever 21 Will Reveal Your True Self

There are two kinds of people in the world. Which one are you?

『コードギアス』声優が語る、表現の葛藤と喜び 「答えがないのは怖い。でも、だからこそ楽しい」






You May Love Country Music, But Can You Match The Hat To The Artist?

Only a die-hard fan will be able to get at least 13/17 right.

Only 1% Of People Can Ace This Quiz And Spend Less Than $100 Dollars At Sephora

It is very difficult when you see all the pretty things, but I have faith in you.

16 Heroes The World Never Deserved, But Desperately Needed

There is SOME good left in this world.





16 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Old Hollywood Actors

Eartha Kitt had a threesome with James Dean and Paul Newman.

Design A Wedding Cake, And We'll Reveal How Long Your Marriage Will Last

Who says you **have** to wait to celebrate that golden anniversary??

34 Cheap Skincare Products That Are Actually Much Better Than Luxury Brands

What do we want? RESULTS. How do we want it? For as cheap as possible tbh.

14 Moms Who Roasted Their Kids Within An Inch Of Their Lives

"Me: I'm just having a blonde moment. My mom: Your whole life has been a blonde moment."



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