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29 Reasons Portugal Should Be Taken Off Your Travel Bucket List Immediately

Thinking about a trip to Portugal? Think again.

1. PSA: Don't waste your time and hard-earned money going to Portugal.

2. I can't stress this enough: Traveling there would be a huge mistake.

3. There's absolutely nothing to see or do.

4. The cities are drab and soulless.

5. The streets are so crowded and stuffy, you'll want to leave immediately.

6. See, even this bird wants to get out! Bye!

7. Don't even get me started on the "beaches". Like, can you even call this a beach?

8. They're always packed anyway.

9. And there are no nice places to swim.

10. Could this water look any less inviting if it tried? (Probably not.)

11. More bad news: The caves suck too! They don't even have proper roofs???

12. And the walls are falling apart.

13. The islands are bleak and boring.

14. If you thought the coast was bad, definitely don't venture inland.

15. It's all very same-y.

16. Trust me, there's absolutely nothing for you there.

17. As for the food, it's so awful you'll probably starve.

18. There are no local delicacies worth eating.

19. Good luck trying to get a decent wine anywhere!

20. Did we talk about the terrible weather yet? I mean, look at these hideous clouds:

21. And this snow! Yuck.

22. Most of the buildings are old and dated.

23. They pretty much all look identical.

24. Architecture in Portugal = completely uninspired.

25. None of your friends will want to travel there with you anyway.

26. There's no scenery worth taking a photo of, let alone uploading to the 'Gram.

27. Seriously, why would you want to put yourself through this every evening?

28. Do yourself a favor and take Portugal off your travel bucket list, pronto.

29. I definitely won't see you there.