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17 Coffee Shops And Restaurants That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019

Pure genius.

1. Each table at this restaurant has a basil plant so you can add fresh basil to your food:

2. This menu tells you which dishes are ~Instagrammable~:

3. The tea timer at this café has three hourglasses that correspond to different strengths:

4. This hourglass, on the other hand, lets diners know when their food should arrive:

5. This restaurant figured out a way to let customers discreetly alert staff that the bathroom needs attention:

6. The cups and saucers at this coffee shop are made from recycled coffee (!!!):

7. This coffee shop not only lets you borrow an umbrella, but also gives you a free coffee when you return it:

8. The menu at this Italian restaurant shows you what different pizzas actually look like:

9. And the menu at this ~fancy-looking~ restaurant has a built-in flashlight so you don't have to use your phone or a candle to see the menu:

10. The tables at this restaurant in Bulgaria have a buzzer linked to the waiter's smart watch:

11. This coffee shop lets patrons treat strangers who might be short on cash or having a bad day to a cup of coffee:

12. This eco-friendly coffee shop provides fettuccine instead of plastic or wooden stirrers:

13. And this coffee shop has "boomerang mugs," which customers can borrow and return, in order to reduce waste:

14. This ramen restaurant supplies hair ties to keep your long, flowing locks out of your bowl:

15. And the spoons at this ramen restaurant have a notch that keeps them from sliding down into the broth:

16. This coffee shop has a short story dispenser with three different story lengths:

17. And finally, the menu at this Japanese restaurant is basically Sushi 101: