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    Updated on Feb 22, 2019. Posted on Feb 10, 2019

    17 Hardworking Dogs Who Are Just Trying To Make An Honest Living

    *steals your food off the table and then steals your job*

    1. This very accomplished video game developer:

    u/Remember__Me / Via

    2. This sergeant woofer who eagerly participated in Take Your Dog To Work Day:

    u/ItsZizk / Via

    3. This chonker who sniffs out diseased beehives for ~SCIENCE~:

    4. Biscuit, National Trust's official Staff Morale Officer™:

    u/thecockmeister / Via

    5. This FLOOFY BOYE who sells less floofy, but equally sweet SPIKEY BOYES!!!!!!!

    u/GallowPlaceholder / Via

    6. This firefighter bb who just wants to give back to those who saved him!!!!!!!!!!

    7. This sleuthy boye who's ~on the case~:

    An elaborate apparent bank heist has been foiled when a repair crew tending to a sinkhole discovered it was actually an underground tunnel leading to a Chase bank branch in Florida, the FBI says.

    8. This airport doggo who faithfully shoos birds from the runway:

    9. This Puppy Bowl ruferee!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/Wiggletails / Via

    10. The v goob and professional grocer who hopes you have a nice day:

    This is Hila. She got jealous of the groceries. Wanted her own turn on the conveyer. Found out good girls are half off today. 13/10 a h*ckin steal

    11. This neon-clad job site regular:

    12. This lil' cashier nugget who wants to know if you'd like some free laptop stickers with your purchase:

    u/sharksaresogood / Via

    13. This fluffer nutter who single-handedly runs a very efficient inter-firm document delivery service:

    u/Dronesandwildshit / Via

    14. This wolfy salesman who sells many a dagger:

    u/claytrizzle / Via

    15. These aquaboyes who urgently led their cattle out of the flood!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/Chad_Chaddington / Via

    16. The honorary Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, who's been reelected THREE WHOLE TIMES!!!!!!!! A true accomplishment.

    u/Whitlow14 / Via

    17. And lastly, this caring comfort doggo who realizes we all need a little help sometimes. 💖

    So my friend’s vet has a comfort-dog assistant that helps sick patients know that everything will be alright and this is really all you need to see today ❤️🐾

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