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    I Challenge You Not To Cry Happy Tears During This Post

    Let's get wholesome.

    1. This small victory:

    2. This drunk husband:

    3. This story about a dad and an IRL personality test:

    4. This kid's wholesome notes:

    The 6yo figured out she can sneakily stick a note on someone’s back. But she doesn’t know they should say things like “kick me,” so they just have space facts on them.

    5. This career story:

    6. This short story on the back of a truck:

    7. This "me vs. other girls" meme that should be the ONLY "me vs. other girls" meme:

    8. This dad's good news:

    If anyone would like 2018 to include some good news, here it 6 year old daughter, who woke up paralyzed from the waist down at 8 months old, who did many rounds of chemo, beat cancer and regained the use of her legs—has her first dance recital tomorrow. #cancer

    9. This very "Chaotic Good" move:

    10. This quote from Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation:

    11. This story with a very happy ending:

    Facebook: briantannebaum

    12. This tale of kindness:

    13. This helpful neighbor:

    damn my neighbor who I’d never met just busted serious ass to help me get my car out the snow so I could get my kids to school and was like ‘I’m from Kenya, we don’t just leave our neighbor to struggle.’ people are just great sometimes.

    14. These long-lost besties who actually found each other:

    15. The truly wonderful old man at the end of this story:

    16. And finally, Ralph:

    This is Ralph he is a dog that lives near school and waits for me everyday after school to say hi to him before I have to leave