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    33 Super Useful Products To Help You Get Through The Week

    Caffeinated mints, a life-changing antiperspirant, a milk frother, and more awesome goods to help you get through loooooooooong weeks.

    1. A two-spray shower head because the last thing you need on a slow and sluggish morning is slow and sluggish water pressure.

    2. Caffeinated mints that'll work double time to give you fresh, minty breath and a boost of energy that doesn't come with the crash or jitters.

    3. Grocery bag handles because who on earth wants to make more than one trip to the car to get the rest of the groceries? Spoiler: NOBODY!!!

    4. A dateless daily planner you can fill in when you need to. It comes complete with a time table, notes, projects, and to-do section.

    5. Bed bands for keeping your fitted sheet in its dang place for once, because we don't have time nor the patience to fight with our bedding.

    6. A silicone place mat that'll suction to the table so your kiddo has no chance of throwing their food as you turn your head away for a nanosecond.

    7. Silicone eyeglass sleeves to prevent your glasses from slipping and digging into your ears. Now, that's something pretty spectacular, ~eyed~ say.

    8. A vegetable cutting aid so you can quickly dice your onions into uniform pieces (for once) without slicing your fingers. 2019 = the year we buy more handy gadgets to make our lives easier.

    9. A cult-favorite mascara that'll add volume and length to your lashes with a few flicks of the wrist, so you look more awake (even though you are very much dreaming of crawling back into bed).

    10. A durable resistance band designed to work out those glutes and give you the best burn of your life, all in the comfort of your own home. *Buuurn, baby, burn...*

    11. A set of colorful bento boxes so it's super easy to meal prep, pack your lunch, and finally save some dang money...which are three things we could all use more of in our weeks.

    12. A set of plastic organizers for keeping your ever growing makeup collection neat and tidy. It turns out it *is* possible to find what you're looking for on rushed mornings.

    13. A bitter-tasting nail polish that dries clear so you can hopefully train your brain to keep your fingers out of your mouth and kick that nail-biting habit for good.

    14. A draft guard for doors and windows you'll reeeealllly love on frigid windy days. Not only will it keep cold air out, it will ALSO block out noisy neighbors and gross smells.

    15. A life-changing antiperspirant that can reduce sweat for up to seven days. Pit stains??? Oh, haven't heard of them.

    16. A box packed with 40 pretty cards for all occasions so you always have a quick backup when you forget a birthday...or dare I say your anniversary.

    17. A travel-friendly caddy to conveniently keep your hot styling tools off the counter and safely in your bag. It's made with high-heat silicone and protects up to 450 degrees.

    18. A mini sriracha bottle you can keep on your keyring so you never have to suffer through a bland work lunch again.

    19. A press-and-go tumbler for conveniently brewing tea wherever you are. Just add loose tea and water, let it steep, and then press — it's seriously as easy as that.

    20. A squatty potty that'll adjust your position and relax the right muscles so you can pass poo comfortably. Life gets busy, you do(do) not need to deal with bloating and constipation on top of it.

    21. A two-toned silicone case for your AirPods because you did NOT spend your hard-earned dollars for these to get scratched and broken as you use them throughout the week.

    22. A pair of tweezers with suuuuuper pointy tips that can do it all: Remove blackheads, ingrown hairs, splinters, teeny hairs, ticks, and whatever else a bad day could possibly throw at you.

    23. A hot air brush for the days when you can't just walk in to a salon and drop money on a blowout. This will give you gorgeous soft waves and volume for days. Tl;dr: Busy mornings have nothing on you with this on your side.

    24. A little magnetic rack you can stick to the side of the fridge so you have easy access to your most-used spices. No more fumbling through the cabinets, or buying *another* jar of paprika because it got lost in your pantry.

    25. An herb stripper designed to easily pluck your favorite greens that can otherwise be extremely time consuming to do by hand. Making dinner after a long day doesn't seem so daunting now!

    26. A book filled with challenging logic puzzles that'll keep your brain sharp, even during the weeks that drag on, and on, and on...

    27. A battery-operated handheld mixer for whipping up a heavenly frothy milk concoction right at home. Skip the trips to that overpriced coffee shop, and save 👏 some 👏 dang 👏 money 👏.

    28. Bra strap clips so you can effortlessly transform your bra to fit your shirt without having to spend money on a new one. I mean, hello, bras are expensive!!!

    29. Anti-vibration pads because I think we'd all like to come home to some peace and quiet, and not have to listen to the earthquake rumble for hours on end caused by our washer and dryer.

    30. A minimalist wallet for the outings when you only need the basics and don't want to lug a giant bag around. It's so compact, you could literally go purse-free for the day!

    31. A pack of biodegradable wet wipes that'll hold you over 'til you can get home and shower. Now, go enjoy that midday workout *and* after-work happy hour!

    32. A rosehip facial oil because you shouldn't have to go through the week bothered by dry and flaky skin, redness, and breakouts. Oh hello, look at these results!

    33. And lastly, a houseplant survival guide so your plants can *also* make it through the week. It's packed with useful information on over 50 common plants and will teach you how to (finally) properly water and take care of that fiddle-leaf fig.

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