30 Tumblr Posts That Will Actually Make You Laugh Out Loud

    Trust me.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Tumblr posts always make them laugh. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. This awkward introduction:

    2. This confusing photo:

    3. This new animal breed:

    4. This accurate rebuttal:

    5. This wild thought:

    6. This truth about Big Bird:

    7. SEVEN:

    8. This interesting philosophy:

    9. This two-footed giraffe:

    10. This unusual jewel:

    11. This unsettling dentist:

    12. These adult cereals:

    13. This totally believable assumption:

    14. This fact about periods:

    15. This wild night:

    16. This updated Christmas story:

    17. This very sensitive plane:

    18. This hesitant fan:

    19. This new traffic rule:

    20. This unfazed Mulan:

    21. This interesting therapy session:

    22. This casual thought:

    23. This heated discussion:

    24. This brilliant distinction:

    25. This scientific opinion:

    26. This zaddy from Zootopia:

    27. This genius word play:

    28. This incorrect life hack:

    29. This sensual glitch:

    30. And, of course, none pizza with left beef:

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