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Pregnant Bellies Don't Really Look Like They Do In The Movies, Here's What They Actually Look Like

Just here bringin' the facts.

Pregnancy and childbirth in Hollywood can be pretty comical...and also pretty unrealistic.


Like when Brooklyn Decker sneezed out a baby.

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Or when Sofia Vergara had virtually no belly button.


The bellies are obviously fake, and they definitely look like it.




Would it hurt to add something a little more real, like stretch marks?

kesanmav / Via

They're totally natural, and, like, really common.

amymonds_ / Via Instagram: @amymonds_

'Cause babies make bellies stretch.

leanne.x.x / Via

Or the linea nigra, which appears in a lot of pregnancies.

bigbelly / Via

You see the line there? That's it.

hamileannebebegim / Via Instagram: @hamileannebebegim

And, hey, the belly isn't always perfectly centered and perfectly round (especially when there's multiples).

twinmamallama / Via Instagram: @twinmamallama

How about tattoos? Some women have 'em.

dani_rsxts / Via Instagram: @dani_rsxts

Or piercings? Those are common, too.

bobbimarois / Via

Yes, darling, pregnancy belly hairs are a thing.

white_pregnancy_shoutout_93 / Via

And so are dark, protruding belly veins.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

So, let's celebrate all the amazing pregnant bellies for how they REALLY are. K? Thx.


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