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    19 Teen TV Couples Couples Ranked From "Meh" To "I'm Obsessed"

    I live for a good ranking.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE for teen TV. It's my favorite genre/the only genre I care about, TBH. So, even though literally no one asked, I decided to rank some of my fave teen TV couples:

    19. Pacey + Joey from Dawson's Creek

    The WB

    This has been a hot point of contention in my office. I ~get it~, Joey and Pacey are meant to be. On a level deep down, I know that it's true, but on the surface, I just can't accept that Joey picked Pacey over Dawson when the show is called DAWSON'S CREEK!

    18. Buffy + Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    Who doesn't love a torrid love affair?? Spike and Buffy are the EMBODIMENT of "hate to love." I don't want to like them, yet, at the same time, I'm like, "Angel who?"

    17. Rory + Jess from Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    Ever since I watched Rory and Jess date on Gilmore Girls, all I've ever wanted was a boyfriend who likes to read as much as I do and waits for me on benches in worn-denim jackets. Though, as much as I loved their combined intellect and quick whips, they had hella issues. Still, cute as heck couple.

    16. Ryan + Marissa from The O.C.


    Ryan and Marissa were their best selves when they were together, right up until, *weeps* the very end. Which is why they're low on the list — they weren't together long enough to merit a higher ranking.

    15. Summer + Seth from The O.C.


    Can someone say I-CON-IC?! But, besides this romantic scene in the rain, Summer and Seth always fell a lil' flat for me. They didn't have much in common, and I can only follow a "unpopular boy falls for popular girl" plot so many times.

    14. Spencer + Toby from Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Family

    I do love a pair who loves to sleuth, and sleuth they do! Spencer and Toby were always a fave couple of mine from PLL. When she bought Toby his truck – the truck he continues to use for the rest of the series, mind you – it was the start of a beautiful relationship. Though, I do have to dock a few points for that lil' affair Spencer had with Caleb.

    13. Tia + Tyreke from Sister, Sister

    The WB

    Tyreke was the ying to Tia's yang — the definition of opposites attract. She challenged him to work to his potential, and he helped her come out of her shell. My only qualm is that they didn't get together sooner! Gimme two more seasons of their love.

    12. Zack + Kelly from Saved By The Bell


    Nineties REALNESS! I think I stanned Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski back before I knew what stanning meant. I cannot understand how Kelly K could crush on ANYONE (*cough A.C. Slater cough*) who wasn't Zack Morris. Don't get me wrong, he was a douche. But, his love for Kelly was real, and vice versa.

    11. Elena + Damon from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    Stefan Salvatore can kick rocks. Elena and Damon are the couple people SHOWED UP FOR! Like, Buffy and Spike? Take notes. They had passion! They had patience! They had amazing bone structure! What more can you ask for out of a couple? Not much!

    10. Sabrina + Harvey from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


    Every time the clock strikes 12:36, I feel a little twinge in my heart because of Sabrina and Harvey. When Sabrina rode off on the back of Harvey's bitchin' hog in the series finale, seven-year-old me fantasized about the day when I, too, would find love on the back of a smooth motorcycle.

    9. Blair + Chuck from Gossip Girl

    The CW

    Have you met a couple who challenges each other more than Blair and Chuck? They've seen it all and have lived to tell the tale. Plus, their fashion is impeccable. Never was there a more dapper couple than them. Three words. Eight letters: I love C&B.

    8. Betty + Jughead from Riverdale

    The CW

    I'll say it once and I'll say it again: there's nothing that I love more than a couple who sleuths! They met and fell in love during one of my favorite plot points of any TV show: solving a salacious murder! She's the prep to his punk and, my golly, it works.

    7. Haley + Nathan from One Tree Hill

    The CW

    Always. And forever. UGH, MY HEART! Loved Naley from the very beginning, through their trials, tribulations, and tour with Chris Keller. They both made each other the best versions of themselves and kept me watching the show WAY longer than I thought possible.

    6. Cheryl + Toni from Riverdale

    The CW

    Words. Cannot express. How obsessed. I am. With Toni and Cheryl. The sassy ferocity, but also tender loyalty that these two ladies share with each other is a beauty to behold. Also, they're just a gorgeous couple, no doubt about it.

    5. Veronica + Logan from Veronica Mars


    Veronica and Logan had ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS IN A COUPLE: an enemies-to-lovers origin story, a witty rapport, and, you guessed it, sleuthing! If there's one thing that us Marshmallows can agree on, it's that Veronica and Logan are endgame, don't @ me.

    4. Kurt + Blaine from Glee


    "Teenage Dream" will forever bring a tear to my eyes when it plays because of these two. Seeing their love blossom on screen was such a beautiful sight. They loved together, they learned together, they sang together. Truly loved this doe-eyed duo.

    3. Whitley + Dwayne from A Different World


    I want that Jada and that Will love, that Whitley and that Dwayne love. Whitley and Dwayne's relationship was real and honest and unapologetic. Even though I had a crush on Dwayne and wanted him for myself – I'm a sucker for a man in glasses – seeing him find love with Whitley was better than any love I could have given him.

    2. Rachel + Finn from Glee


    I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING! Finchel is a love story for the ages and will forever live on in my heart. From their very first kiss to their very last, Rachel and Finn's relationship is what kept me tuned into FOX every Tuesday at 9 p.m. Yes, I was upset that the New Directions lost at Nationals, but I didn't care because the reason why they lost was the reason why Rachel and Finn got back together.

    1. Lucas + Peyton from One Tree Hill

    The CW

    One Tree Hill?? More like One True Hope, as in, Lucas and Peyton's love gives me the hope that true love does exist. They're constantly saving each other because they know they can't live without one another. When they drove off into the sunset, with little baby Sawyer in the backseat, I knew their love would stay with me until the end of time.

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