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What Type Of Music Do You Like Based On Your Technology Determinism?

Technology determinism is the belief that technologies determine social structure, cultural values, how we think. We can think that each music genre and its values are very different. Please tell us what type of music you like based on its social structure, cultural values, and how you think of your music, and which technology you like to use for your music.

comm2010 8 days ago

You have excellent media literacy skills as a Twitter user if you...

1. Always check the “trending” list. 2. Immediately flock to the hashtag that most reflects your opinion on an issue... 3. But you also check the related hashtags of the opposing view. 4. Address the merits of someone’s argument before you tweet a scathing, fact-checked reply. 5. Check the reliability of a news source before you tweet about it. 6. Have multiple sources of news other than Twitter.

comm2010 8 days ago

Politics And Social Media Evolution

Politics and Social Media, #messy am I right or am I right??? Over the years whether it be the time that you or I have been alive we have learned to understand that politics and technology has evolved with society. Politics used to be heard far and wide by word of mouth (human telephone) soon after by (paper) press and now the all to common method of transferred important information, Twitter. Of course there are other outlets, however Twitter is the one mostly referred to by Gen X and Millennial children. Technological evolution has been a common subject matter over the past 40 years from the invention of the Internet, portable phones, thin laptops and smartphones like mini-computers in our back pocket. Everything in our world has changed. In recent matters politicians have fled to the Internet to voice their opinions whether intelligent or not, only the readers can judge. However the case, people are still seeing this massive change and adapting to it. In my opinion it has changed the course of politics forever, it makes people and voters feel more familiar with said politician, it makes clearing up unfortunate situations easier for the public to access as well as many other things. Change is change though, no matter the situation we must adapt due to survival of the fittest. From news being spread through word of mouth to now being able to update my timeline feed every two minutes to see the new trending topic is astonishing and concerning simultaneously. Politics is a massive part of our daily lives and having the ability to have access to every new statement and action from our political superior is life changing.

comm2010 8 days ago