The "Hey Arnold" Characters As Real-Life Humans Is The Most Horrifying Thing You'll Ever See

    If I had to see this, so do you.

    You remember Arnold from Hey Arnold, right? That city-slicking cartoon kid who defined your childhood?

    As an animated character, Arnold's football-shaped head, spiky yellow hair, and tiny blue hat were just cute and lovable! But have you ever wondered what he would look like as a real-life human?

    Well, fortunately/unfortunately for you, we now have an answer to that question! Because 3D artist Miguel Vasquez has rendered Arnold as an IRL human being, and the stuff of nightmares.


    And as if that wasn't horrifying enough, Miguel has ALSO blessed us with an IRL version of Arnold's best friend, Gerald. Here ya go, sweeties!

    Just two normal human best friends! Nothing to see here!

    Miguel's been ruining childhoods with his art for quite some time now. He went viral in 2017 for his IRL versions of Spongebob and Patrick...

    He's also made a Homer Simpson that I'll never be able to unsee...

    And a Nigel Thornberry that I would very much like erased from my brain.

    "I figured that Arnold's football shaped head would transition well from 2D to 3D," Miguel told BuzzFeed. "And provide a great laugh or shriek to those who loved the show back in the day!"

    And when asked what he would tell people who are now fully traumatized by his artwork, here's what Miguel had to say...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...that was the plan all along.

    You can follow Miguel on Instagram for more nightmare fuel. Now if you'll excuse me, I've had MORE than enough internet today. Goodbye!