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14 Screenshots Of Interactions With “Nice Guys” That Are So Alarming It's Not Even Funny

"Not sure why you'd text me back when you knew you still had a boyfriend..."

1. This dude who was "trying to be nice" by sending an unrequested dick video.

SoulessPuppy / Via

2. This dude who calls everyone "babe" and, listen, IS A NICE GUY.

heythankscanyoustop / Via

3. This kind fella on Snapchat who thought his compliment deserved some sort of reward.

Gunlord99 / Via

4. This trying-to-be-nice guy who was shocked that someone didn't want to be labeled his "gorgeous sunflower."

edgy-goth-boi-clique / Via

5. This "pretty great guy" who no one would consider to be an asshole.

theawkwardhippo / Via

6. This dude who would've complained if he didn't get a text back but instead chose to complain because he did get cordial texts back, and he equated them to being led on.

thePIEking657 / Via

7. This nice AND intellectual guy who shockingly can't seem to understand why someone wouldn't wait to date him.

Gr1nifwin / Via

8. This dude Zack on Bumble who can't seem to fucking muster the ability to not be a crazy person.

shutupkelley / Via

9. This guy who literally asked why he couldn't get a second chance AND called someone "worthless" WITHIN THE SAME TEXT MESSAGE.

BO5517 / Via

10. This fella who would actually treat her right!

Bhadday / Via

11. This "nice guy" who should 100% have the police called on him immediately.

StellyBellyV / Via

12. This guy who is unlike 99.99% of fuck boys.

lazzibu / Via

13. This totally decent guy who was being given rides to work and thought that meant he deserved something more.

yourbigfatnan / Via

14. And finally, this "nice guy" who at least got a lesson in how friendship works.

SuperHelix7 / Via

H/T r/niceguys