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14 Screenshots Of Interactions With “Nice Guys” That Are So Alarming It's Not Even Funny

"Not sure why you'd text me back when you knew you still had a boyfriend..."

1. This dude who was "trying to be nice" by sending an unrequested dick video.

2. This dude who calls everyone "babe" and, listen, IS A NICE GUY.

3. This kind fella on Snapchat who thought his compliment deserved some sort of reward.

4. This trying-to-be-nice guy who was shocked that someone didn't want to be labeled his "gorgeous sunflower."

5. This "pretty great guy" who no one would consider to be an asshole.

6. This dude who would've complained if he didn't get a text back but instead chose to complain because he did get cordial texts back, and he equated them to being led on.

7. This nice AND intellectual guy who shockingly can't seem to understand why someone wouldn't wait to date him.

8. This dude Zack on Bumble who can't seem to fucking muster the ability to not be a crazy person.

9. This guy who literally asked why he couldn't get a second chance AND called someone "worthless" WITHIN THE SAME TEXT MESSAGE.

10. This fella who would actually treat her right!

11. This "nice guy" who should 100% have the police called on him immediately.

12. This guy who is unlike 99.99% of fuck boys.

13. This totally decent guy who was being given rides to work and thought that meant he deserved something more.

14. And finally, this "nice guy" who at least got a lesson in how friendship works.

H/T r/niceguys