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    16 Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Worth It

    "Did I ever tell you you're my herooooo?" —Me serenading the mailman when my subscription boxes get delivered

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which subscription boxes they've tried that are ~actually~ worth it. Here are the results:

    1. Book of the Month expands your ever-growing book collection by sending you a new title to enjoy every month. You get to pick from one of five selected new releases, which feels like getting a book based on your BFF's glowing recommendation.

    2. Lola eases your period pain, both figuratively and literally, by bringing pads, tampons, sex products, and more to you every month. Never get caught without *just* what you need when the red wave comes crashing.

    3. Billie ~cuts~ your razor costs by delivering five blades at a time for only $9! Your kit also comes with a chic handle and any extras you may need, so you never have to add "shaving stuff :(" to your shopping list again.

    4. Birchbox Grooming brings more masculine products to the forefront, offering products like shave cream, hand lotion, and high-end deodorant. This box is marketed to "men," but gender is a lie, so go ahead and get this if it SPEAKS to you! There's also a beauty box if that's more your speed!

    5. Winc asks you questions about your taste preferences and send you four bottles of wine based on your palette. Enjoy unique, quality wine, and learn a little bit about your faves on the fun info cards that come with your order.

    6. FabFitFun lets you choose from a selection of high-end beauty and lifestyle products to produce a box curated by the person who knows you best: yourself.

    7. Loot Crate's Wizarding World box brings Diagon Alley to YOU by sending select Harry Potter collectables to your door. Be sure to look out your window waiting for it to arrive just in case it's delivered by owl.

    8. Stitch Fix sets you up with a personal stylist who hand-selects clothing and accessories based on your taste. Try everything on at home and only keep the items that ~speak to you~.

    9. Meundies takes cuteness to a whole new level by sending you matching pairs of underwear for you and your partner every month. Bumming around on Sundays just got even more adorable.

    10. Home Chef serves healthy meals and (most importantly) choices! Pick from 26 meals each week, and get cooking. These meals only take about 30 minutes to make, so start planning your menu *and* your after-dinner plans now! "Garlic Piccata Salmon" and "Portobello Parmesan" are some particularly delicious-sounding meals currently offered.

    11. Sephora Play! sends you samples of the most talked-about beauty products you've probably been making heart eyes at on shelves. Now you can give these holy grails a try before you fully commit.

    12. Popsugar's Must-Have Box is in. the. know. The season's trendiest products are compiled here so you can try out what Popsugar editors have deemed the best of the best in beauty and lifestyle goods.

    13. Louisville Vegan Jerky of the Month Club serves up different flavors of their perfect plant-based treat that vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike can enjoy. 🎶Come together, right now, over jerky!🎶

    14. Boxycharm treats you to *full-size* makeup products at a mega-discount that gives me goosebumps. Discover new favorites that will last for a loooong time, not just the week or so that a sample would last.

    15. Quip quells the notion that toothbrushing is boring by bringing you a beautiful electric toothbrush and replacement heads *right* when you'll need them. No more trips to the corner store just for a toothbrush after yours gets too gnarly.

    16. Art Snacks helps you flex your creativity, whether you're a new doodler or serious artist. With a few more tools in your artsy tool belt, who knows what amazing things you'll create!

    Your new goodies popping out of their boxes every month, so excited to see you!

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