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    An Explainer For The Umbrella Academy's Ending And What We Can Expect In Season 2

    Let's break it down.

    Hello and welcome. By clicking on this I am assuming you have already watched the entire Umbrella Academy series, but if not...BIG SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. Consider yourself warned!!!!!!!

    As you know, the final scene in episode 10 left us with a BIG OLE CLIFFHANGER. We now know Vanya is the cause of the apocalypse. But in order to save himself and his siblings, Five uses his power to time jump out of harm's way.

    We also know that it's imperative the family take Vanya with them instead of leaving her to die because she, you know, caused this mess.

    The last scene also shows the siblings regressing back into their teenage bodies (just like Five) — which leaves us wondering if they'll take that form in the next season.

    But WHERE did they go when they time traveled? One theory is that the crew might go back to a time where Reginald Hargreeves is still alive.

    In the graphic novel, it's explained that Reginald Hargreeves is actually an extraterrestrial who owns a magical monocle that allows him to see everything about a person. Whether or not they carry any of that information over to Season 2 remains to be seen.

    HOWEVER, you might remember that in Episode 3 Diego told his family he threw away Reginald's monocle. This can mean one of two things. 1.) He really did throw it out and the show is taking a different direction. Or 2.) Diego didn't really throw it out and he'll somehow uncover the monocle's powers.

    Also! Before Reginald comes to earth, he releases a glowing jar of tiny balls of light out the window. Many fans have theorized that it's either the powers or the 43 children.

    This also might mean we'll find out what happened to the other 36 children who were born on that day in 1989 — and if they also have abilities.

    We also know that Reginald came from another planet because we see spaceships outside the window. So it's likely to be revealed in Season 2 that he is an alien.

    But wait — there's more. Those who've already read the graphic novels know the series is set within an alternate timeline where JFK was not assassinated. We learn Five is hired by the Commission to intervene in JFK's timeline.

    There are two theories about what Five was doing in Dallas before he escaped. One theory is that he was the one sent by the Commission to kill JFK. The other theory makes a little more sense: Five was there to stop the assassin who shot JFK. Because right after he disappears, we hear that fatal shot in the background. If he had carried out his mission, this likely would not have happened — right?

    If we're going to follow this theory, that means JFK wasn't assassinated in the timeline the sibling's are currently living — AKA the one Five jumps back to. So there MIGHT be some correlation to JFK surviving and the fact that technology hasn't advanced in this timeline. There's no cell phones, as you probably noticed. Just pay phones and landlines.

    This leads us back to the graphic novel, The Umbrella Academy: Dallas. In the comic, Five is forced by the Commission to finish the job he bailed on. Could it be likely that the siblings are time jumping back to the 1960s?

    Finally, we know Hazel and Agnes time jumped before the apocalypse destroyed them. This foreshadows that we MIGHT see them again if they are able to somehow show up in the timeline that the siblings jumped to with Five.

    OK, THAT WAS A LOT. Although nothing is confirmed, you can bet I'll be keeping my eyes PEELED for news of what to expect in Season 2.

    Do you, dear reader, have a different theory? Please tell me in the comments below. THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON IN THIS WORLD.