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25 Bizarre Baby Naming Stories That You'll Be Thinking About Later

"My parents gave my sister naming rights. She named me after her Cabbage Patch Kids doll."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share bizarre baby naming stories and, boy, did they come through with some absolute jaw droppers. Here are 25 more:

1. "My mom wanted us to both have a middle name that started with 'K,' but I guess 'Knacole' (exactly how you think it sounds) was all she could come up with instead of literally any other 'K' name."

2. "My name is Carly Dale. I'm named after cars and race car driver Dale Earnhardt."

3. "I was a surprise baby so my parents gave my older sister naming rights. She named me after the most important thing to her at the time — her Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Thank God she was out of her E.T. phase by that time."

4. "My parents decided before I was born that my initials would spell ‘ALF’ because it was the '80s and my dad smoked a ton of weed and loved that show, of course. Later, my dad called my mom from the bar and said, 'We should name her Amber!’ His inspiration came from the beer he was drinking. So I'm named after beer and an alien who eats cats."

5. "My dad really loved the band Molly Hatchet, and he convinced my mom that Molly would be a good girl name."

6. "My parents got one of those Victoria's Secret catalogs in the mail, and inside it had a collection named Emma. They thought naming their precious child after a collection of Victoria's Secret underwear was a classy move."

7. "My dad really enjoyed the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit and thought that Jessica Rabbit was sexy, so here I am named after an animated character with big boobs."

8. "My parents hadn't been able to come up with a name for me when my dad found a 'Shannon' sticker on the bottom of his boot. He peeled it off and told my Mom he had the perfect name!"

9. "My mother was driving down the road one day in Texas when she passed a truck with 'Keaton’s Plumbing' on the door. Bam! The rest is history — I'm Keaton."

10. "I’m Estonian, although I was born and raised in the States. As a kid, I was proud that my name 'Kalev' was one of Estonia’s mythical heroes. Later, I found out it was also (not coincidentally) the name of my father’s favorite candy bar."

11. "My parents named me Casey, after Pamela Anderson’s character on Baywatch."

12. "I was born on the religious holiday, All Saints Day, so my parents named me Christian — and made my middle name Jesus. It doesn’t help that my last name is Cruz, which means 'cross.' I have the most religious name ever and I’m an atheist."

13. "My boyfriend, Gage, was named after the little boy that gets hit by a truck in the book/movie, Pet Sematary. Kinda weird, kinda cool."

14. "I’m named after Raisa Gorbachev, the wife of the one-time president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. I was born in the '80s when he was on the news a lot. I’m not Russian though, so..."

15. "My dad named me after the secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. When he heard Ed Rooney scream 'Grace!' he thought it was a good screaming name and that he’d have to scream at me a lot."

16. "My mom suggested the name Kelly but my dad was only half-paying attention and thought she said Callie. They both liked Callie, though, so my name came from a typical guy not listening."

17. "My first and middle names (Hannah Victoria) are the names of two street names my mom used to live on."

18. "I’m named after the 1996 movie Scream. My mom liked the way the killer, Billy Loomis (aka Skeet Ulrich), called Sydney 'Syd', so I'm named Sydney because she liked the way a serial killer said it."

19. "My name is Tear, like a teardrop. Story is that my grandmother named me that because I cried a lot after birth."

20. "I was named Dallas after my dad's favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys, because my mother was in labor with me the last time they won the Super Bowl. I can only assume she was too tired to argue."

21. "My parents saw the name 'Melanie' on a woman’s work jacket at a monster truck show."

22. "My dad named me Avery, after Avery Island, which is where his favorite hot sauce — Tabasco — is made."

23. "My father was a Marine and named me after this country, Abidjan. It's supposed to be a beautiful place but try telling that to fourth graders who just called me 'Farmer John' and 'Parmesan.' It’s not even pronounced as 'John.'"

24. "My cousin is named Windy Echo. My uncle is an ass and thought it would be funny to have her name mean fart. I can’t believe my aunt went along with it."

And this story, which is actually beautiful:

25. "My mom had a very hard time getting and staying pregnant. After four years and three miscarriages, my dad took her on a much needed vacation to the Italian Riviera. One night, they were sitting on a terrace cafe when my dad told my mom to make a wish on the full moon. She did and that night they conceived me. Nine months later I was born and named Luna after the full moon that gave my mom her wish."

Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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