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Aug 2018
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    Alloutshan commented on People Are Calling Michael Phelps Hypocritical After He Spoke Out Against Trans Athlete Lia Thomas

    “Genetic abnormalities”?!?! More like a phenomenon Phelps has those abilities. Not to mention they are comparing genetic differences in organs and stature to biological gender, which makes no sense. Any actual swimmer knows that those things don’t make him a great swimmer, they help… 


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    Alloutshan commented on 19 Photos Of Jay Ryan From "It: Chapter 2" That Might Make You Pregnant

    Women have been objectified since the beginning of time. It’s our turn to like what we see and be able to talk about it. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a non feminist to think this dude is simply just hot. We all have human bodies with human reactions, can we take a minute to… 


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    Alloutshan commented on We Want To Hear The Unusual Backstory To How You Got Your Name

    My parents couldn’t come up with a name for me. Just days before I was born, my Dad found a “Shannon” sticker on the bottom of his boot, he peeled it off and told my Mom he had the perfect name. I was named from a dirty sticker stuck to a boot but I love my name!


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    Alloutshan commented on Which TV Shows Do You Wish Had Lasted Longer?

    Lie to Me, incredible crime solving show. The IT Crowd, hilarious and quirky storylines. The Borgias, awesome casting and character development. We need to keep the good stuff and get rid of reality tv that plagues the weekly evening line up.


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    Alloutshan commented on People Are Revealing The Dumbest Ways They've Accidentally Hurt Themselves And I Feel Seen

    I was pumping gas and I dropped the gas pump directly on my 4th toe wearing open toed shoes. Broken toe with a surgical shoe to match. Just that toe though, not a scratch on the others, perfect shot!


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