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    37 Times Colin Firth Proved He's The Only Mr Darcy That Matters

    The One True Darcy.

    1. When he first appeared and was definitely the handsomest man you've ever seen. Or at least, the one with the best sideburns.

    2. When he was clearly intrigued by Lizzy and, even though he'd just insulted her, he got all self-conscious because she looked like she was talking about him.

    3. When he bumped into Lizzy after her long walk through the countryside and totally got a boner.

    4. When Caroline tried to get him to insult Lizzy and he shut it down then sipped his tea.

    5. When he got all smouldery after Lizzy walked in on him playing pool.

    6. When he sat down like this.

    7. When he actually dropped what he was doing and turned around in his chair to listen to Lizzy.

    8. When he had a bath.

    9. When he slipped into this robe.

    10. When he watched Lizzy playing with a dog and was super into it.

    11. When he got all smouldery again as he watched Lizzy leave Netherfield.

    12. When he first saw Lizzy at the Netherfield Ball and was shook.

    13. When he danced with Lizzy and there was so much delicious tension.

    14. When he talked about her pleasure and my filthy mind Went There.

    15. When he straight-up walked away from Mr Collins mid-sentence and it was frankly iconic.

    16. When he got all flirty with Lizzy at Rosings.

    17. When he showed up while Lizzy was alone and was super awkward and also not subtle at all about the fact he wanted to bone her.

    18. When he totally fucked up his proposal but still managed to say some pretty sweet things.

    19. When he was all angry and rejected but somehow looked hotter than ever.

    20. When he stayed up all night to write a letter to Lizzy and was all angsty and Dramatic™.

    21. When he released his frustration with his sword.

    22. When he DID THE POND THING!!!

    23. And then he just about died when he saw Lizzy at Pemberley.

    24. And he got super, endearingly awkward.

    25. And then he raced out of the house to stop her from leaving before he had even finished dressing.

    26. When he really earnestly asked her opinion of Pemberley and was certifiably tickled that she approved.

    27. When he was surprisingly sweet to Lizzy's aunt and uncle.

    28. When he was super keen to introduce Lizzy to his sister.

    29. When he watched Lizzy play piano and it was clearly the greatest moment of his life.

    30. And then he got all shy and self-conscious when he realised Lizzy and Georgiana were talking about him.

    31. Then he was full of loving gratitude when Lizzy protected Georgiana from Caroline.

    32. When he was extremely concerned and caring after Lizzy received the news about Lydia and Wickham.

    33. When he cast Lizzy one last longing look before he left to save the day.

    34. When he was reunited with Lizzy and the SMOULDER was back.

    35. When he admitted he was still in love with Lizzy.

    36. And called her "dearest, loveliest Elizabeth".

    37. And when he looked THIS happy to be marrying his love at last.

    Firth!Darcy 4 ever. 💕💕💕