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    38 Easy Things You Need If You Want To Look More Stylish But Don't Know How

    *Posts OOTD* *Waits to hear from Tim Gunn*

    1. An oversize knit sweater dress so you can rely on a trendy one-and-done outfit. This + your usual boots = no room for error.

    2. A spotted satin midi skirt for throwing under your favorite go-to sweater. This'll dress up everything and anything before you have time to overthink.

    3. A nylon backpack with a chic pom-pom, because this'll help you say goodbye to the worn-out backpack you've been using since your freshman year of college.

    4. A printed mini dress that'll call it a wrap on getting ready the minute you put it on. Congratulations, you're officially the best dressed in the office.

    5. A ruffled, front-tie t-shirt so you can stick to your usual tee-and-jeans combo, but with an approachable update.

    6. A houndstooth mini skirt for pairing with really anything and looking très chic. You will not mess this up. It's impossible. I PROMISE.

    7. A pair of block-heeled over-the-knee boots with drawstring ties, because these'll make every single outfit you wear this season look effortlessly cool (even the sweatshirt you insist on wearing every other day).

    8. A ruffled button-down cardigan that'll easily give all your old tops a polished upgrade. Did you hear? ~Plain white tees~ are making a comeback.

    9. A cashmere-like midi dress so you can look like a professional even if you've been wearing the same pants to work since last Tuesday.

    10. A satin blazer for adding a sophisticated twist to your favorite black jeans. Want to get REALLY emotional? You can wear this with leggings. I'll pass the tissues.

    11. A backless lace-trim bodysuit, because this'll answer your weekly "what the heck do I wear?!" pleas every Saturday night. No more backing out of plans because you don't like your clothes.

    12. A pair of embellished leather gloves that'll be the *star* of your ensembles, thanks to their ability to make all your outerwear look stylish.

    13. A striped cardigan sweater so you can chicly accessorize your usual leggings without straying too far from your ~comfort~ zone.

    14. A pair of high-waisted faux leather shorts with a ruffled, belted waist for a simple yet fashion-forward way to dress up your plain sweaters.

    15. A leopard print belt, because this'll meet you in the *middle* when it comes to subtly giving your denim a fashionable twist.

    16. A bow-front velvet mini dress that'll replace your overused LBD and give your evening wardrobe a breath of fresh air. The best part? This doesn't need any accessories.

    17. A pair of lightweight platform sneakers so you can *run away* from wearing your old gym shoes with regular outfits. Comfort AND style? All hail athleisure.

    18. An off-the-shoulder sweatshirt for answering your prayers by letting you wear sweats to work while still getting full fashion credit. Miracles do exist.

    19. A pleated polka dot skirt with ~pockets~, because you can throw this over literally any top and still look OOTD-ready. Should you buy this in every color to rotate every week? Obviously.

    20. A pair of high-waisted printed leggings that'll prove living in comfort will always be *in vogue*. Will you wear these for the next 365 days in a row? Absolutely.

    21. A loose-fitting sweater so you can remain your relentlessly comfortable self while still managing to look *extra* presentable for the day.

    22. A floral maxi dress with delicate tie-sleeves for a) successfully making long dresses a winter staple and b) relying on a one-step outfit to look effortlessly put-together.

    23. A pair of faux leather leggings, because these'll help you ~kick up~ your wardrobe with some edge starting the minute you buy these — heck, do it one leg at a time.

    24. A Calvin Klein velvet bralette that'll give all of your sheer shirts an elegant touch. AND no underwire? We are truly blessed.

    25. A pair of tassel earrings so you can polish your ensembles without creating a hassle. No need to get overwhelmed — these'll go with everything.

    26. An embellished cut-out tank for safely mixing it up if you're one to resort to all-black outfits whenever you go out. See how easy it is to wear some color?

    27. A wide-leg jumpsuit with POCKETS, because this'll help you get ready in a mere moment, aka you can toss these over your go-to warm tops. Who knew something other than pajamas could be so satisfying?

    28. A pair of crushed velvet strappy flats that'll elevate everything you wear without the need for *sole*-crushing heels.

    29. A knit wrap midi dress so you can leave your beloved sweats behind for a day and still feel nice and cozy. Did this take a lot of effort? Not at all, my friend.

    30. A graphic T-shirt for the epitome of sneakily wearing your usual lazy outfits — except now you'll discover a pattern of compliments.

    31. A belted checked cape coat, because this'll ditch your overused parka and give your work clothes the dressy treatment they DESERVE.

    32. A velvet embroidered dress that'll help your wardrobe flourish — even when thrown over leggings. Believe in the power of this dress.

    33. A chiffon blouse with a beaded collar so you can stylishly top off your everyday bottoms before you're up to your ~neck~ in clothes thrown on the floor. This'll nix mornings of overthinking.

    34. A pair of faded bootcut jeans for pairing with anything just as easily as your usual black denim, but this'll give your tops a little more *flair*.

    35. An open-back sweater, because this is just as approachable as your usual toppers. Except now you'll receive double the compliments — this is an exact science.

    36. A belted cardigan that'll have you looking Insta-worthy in a ~cinch~. Are you wearing the same exact blouse you wear every week underneath? That's our secret.

    37. A mesh watch band so you can continue to accessorize with your Apple Watch, but now you'll be one *step* ahead of the trends.

    38. A button-down shift for dressing up literally any bottoms you'd like. Leggings? Check. Jeans? Double check. Pajama pants? Sure!

    Realizing you've already worn your leggings three days in a row like:

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