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    20 Pairs Of Tights That People Actually Swear By

    Bye rips!

    1. Ann Taylor's perfect tights offer a solid black option with no control top for anyone who wants an extra layer over their legs, minus the compression.

    2. Nude Barre micro fishnet tights come in 12 skin tones, so you can welcome this go-to-pair into your life and never look back!

    3. These comfy plus-sized tights will please babes who weigh up to 375 lbs. (and their snuggle buddy), plus they come in so many colors!

    4. No Nonsense espresso brown footless tights pair perfectly with flats, are stretchy and comfortable, and will hold up even after many washes!

    5. Muk Luks come in pairs of two and they are fleece-lined; reviewers swear by them for soft, warm coverage.

    6. Torrid's microfiber tights just may have you kiss pants goodbye for good — they are as durable as they are comfortable!

    7. Amoretu offers fishnet tights and attached garters so you can create an effortless look; plus reviewers say they stretch and fit like a dream.

    8. DKNY opaque coverage control top tights just might withstand big-toe tears, and keep you warm on chilly days! Who says you can't wear dresses in February.

    9. Modcloth's accent tights will take you from "fashion, I can't" to fashion ~icon~ instantly.

    10. Eloquii's opaque tights are lightweight, warm, and won't slip; so you can layer these babes under skirts, dresses, and pants to your heart's content.

    11. Old Navy's control top tights may quite possibly be the most durable matte tights out there — we're talking holding up for years with no toe-holes people!!

    12. Target's light sparkle tights are made for anyone who wants a sheer pair of tights with just a little bit of shimmer. Think Edward Cullen; except like...way cuter.

    13. Modcloth's plus-sized Intricately Exquisite tights look like a lacey dream come true, and reviewers swear by the fit and high-quality construction!

    14. 120D Blackout Tights will give you super dark coverage and become a staple in your wardrobe for sure.

    15. Pretty Polly stockings boast an opaque black bottom half with a thigh-high-like look, so you can look perfectly layered without the dreaded slipping of thigh-high socks.

    16. No Nonsense super opaque tights contour to your legs and will give you the richly-colored, full coverage you've been searching for.

    17. Manzi tights come in tons of colors and pairs, and you'll definitely want more than one — they are thick enough to not rip, but not too thick — basically the ideal layer for spring.

    18. These adorable mock thigh-highs feature cute cats (and bunnies!) that'll make all your outfits stand out.

    19. Xhilaration tights have a closed toe for slipping into winter boots, and you can easily dress up or down all three colors.

    20. And Hue will give you the vibrant, sheer tights you've been searching for — cosplayers adore them!

    You to the perfect pair of tights that let you wear dresses even in the winter:

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