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    26 Useful But Inexpensive Products Our Readers Actually Swear By

    Smart, affordable finds.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best thing they've bought for $25 or less, and here are some of their responses!

    1. A pack of two discreet silicone anti-slip holders that will make your glasses and sunglasses fit perfectly and stop sliding down your nose.

    2. A Wet Brush, which is especially designed with flexible bristles to detangle hair painlessly without causing extra breakage.

    3. An essential oil roll-on that hundreds of people (including a BuzzFeeder) swear helps with their migraines and chronic headaches.

    4. A bottle of Bar Keeper's Friend powder or soft cleanser, which you can use as your one-stop cleaning products for almost every surface in your entire home — like all that cooked-on grime on your stovetop you've never been able to coax off.

    5. A mini-steamer so you can quickly extract all the wrinkles from your clothes, no iron needed.

    6. A mini fan you can plug into almost any USB charger port for a quick cool-down anytime you're stuck somewhere too toasty-warm while working on your computer.

    7. A lipstick-sized external battery that holds a full backup charge so you never have that drop in the pit of your stomach when it's noon and your phone's already at 20% battery.

    8. An ice roller you can use on your skin to help it absorb serums or at the very least reduce puffiness — you just pop it in the freezer overnight and it'll be ready to, um, well, roll in the morning.

    9. A classic clay mask that makes an incredible difference for many people who struggle with acne, redness, and other skin problems.

    10. One or two of the 80+ shades of ~Super Shock~ eyeshadows perfect for one-and-done monochrome looks on the mornings you sleep in (which let's be honest, is most mornings).

    11. A mascara with a specialty brush that lifts and curls even short lashes so they have all that oomph you dream about.

    12. A meat chopping and mixing tool that makes one of the easiest cooking tasks — browning ground beef, chicken, or turkey — even simpler.

    13. A fully-equipped mandoline slicer at a price that seems too good to be true, but that's actually legit and going to help you slice and grate veggies like never before.

    14. Some long-handled iced tea spoons designed for reaching the bottom of pitchers of cold tea on hot days, so they can also easily stir smoothies and drinks in oversized tumblers.

    15. A citrus squeezer that's worth the splurge — it's durable enough to use multiple times a week and handle the dishwasher each time.

    16. A vacuum-insulated drink tumbler to keep your coffee hot and your ice water cold much longer than any regular cup or mug possibly could.

    17. Or a different vacuum-sealed travel mug with a leak-proof lid that keeps drinks hot for up to seven hours — and cold for up to EIGHTEEN.

    18. A pair of reusable coffee filters made from organic cotton, so you can cut down on your paper waste in at least this small way.

    19. The Phone Loop, an elastic strap that attaches to your case and gives you a better grip on your phone without adding any bulk.

    20. The ultimate bathroom combo: a Squatty Potty toilet stool so your poops will be easier than you ever imagined they possibly could be (even if you have some GI problems).

    21. And a bottle of before-you-go toilet spray to imprison any forthcoming smells in the toilet bowl (the only thing your nose will be able to detect is the spray's pleasant scent).

    22. A Tub Shroom drain protector so your shower pipes will never clog with hair again.

    23. A microfiber hair towel with a button and an elastic loop that let you wrap up your hair so it stays put (and dries faster!) while you finish the rest of your post-shower routine.

    24. Under-cabinet LED lighting so you can actually see the onion you're chopping, if your overhead lights aren't quite powerful enough to illuminate your best workspace.

    25. A fabric shaver that cuts all the pills off your favorite knits so your clothes look new again with almost no effort.

    26. A cozy sweater-wrapped hot water bottle to warm your cold toes or nose all through the winter nights without the same risks of leaving a heating pad or heated blanket plugged in. Plus it can help relieve sore muscles!

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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