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26 Money-Saving Products That Actually Solve Your Small Problems

Spend less money, fix your (small) problems.

1. Some fizzing cleaning tablets that loosen seemingly permanent gunk from your coffee/tea mugs and pots so you can keep enjoying your favorite drinks out of your favorite containers they way you did when they were brand new.

2. A reusable K-Cup so you can adjust the strength of your cup of coffee by adding your custom amount of grounds *and* reduce the amount of waste you make by cutting back on the plastic pods. All while spending less, of course.

3. A set of storage containers that literally keep produce day-one fresh for just about two weeks.

4. A carpet stain remover — it works so well it'll save you from shelling out major $$$ on deep cleaning services or...dun dun dun...new carpet.

5. A set of two blindspot mirrors so you always have full visibility of everything that's directly beside your car, and never accidentally open your door into a hidden lamppost.

6. Did You Feed The Dog, a switchboard for preventing the family pooch from accidentally being fed dinner three times, once by each hooman who falls for his puppy eyes.

7. A pack of two kick mats to protect the back of your seats from the dirt and grime on the bottom of your kids' feet, when they insist on resting their feet in that inconvenient spot.

8. If you park in a garage, a lightweight ball on a string you can hang up to make sure you (and other drivers in the house) don't pull into the garage too far, and instead park perfectly every time.

9. Roach-baited gel so you can poison the little suckers in one or two easy treatments, no need to call up the exterminator...who, according to multiple reviewers, may not even make the same difference that this stuff can.

10. A fabric shaver that will restore your pilling, fuzzy sweaters, throw pillows, and furniture so they look like they're brand new again.

11. A set of heel protectors for your favorite pumps, so you can walk anywhere and everywhere without tearing up and staining your nicest pair of shoes.

12. A reusable lint roller/brush you can use to pick up every last bit of pet hair on your clothes and furniture — no sticky sheets or refills required. All you do is empty it when you're done.

13. Two charcoal shoe deodorizers that suck up the stench and moisture from all your favorite pairs so you can wear them for years on end.

14. And a shoe cleaning kit to help keep all your favorite kicks in their best condition, even if you accidentally step in a mud puddle.

15. A buy-once makeup-remover cloth that's just as easy as disposable wipes or cotton rounds, but both removes long-wear makeup faster and pays for itself in less than a year. Oh, and it only needs a little water to work its magic.

16. A brown sugar bear, so you don't lose any more bags of previously perfectly good brown sugar to the curse of rock-hard-solidificiation.

17. A makeup setting spray for locking all your hard work in place for hours on end, so you don't have to touch up even once — even if you sweat, or have oily skin.

18. A pack of two miniature scraping spatulas perfect for rescuing every last ounce of sauce, peanut butter, foundation, and lotion from their containers.

19. A drain millipede so you can take care of slow-flowing pipes with just a few minutes of work, no need to call the plumber.

20. A low-flow shower head to instantly make the most of any low-ish water pressure you do have, all while saving you cash on your utility bills.

21. A spray cleaner that might just save you from having to replace your entire shower, if you'd just about given up trying to clean out the stubborn rust stains.

22. A compact dehumidifier so you can put an immediate halt to even the slightest idea of mold and mildew growth in your bathroom, motor home, or other small spaces.

23. A pack of felt sliders to stick to all your furniture legs to prevent scratches and scrapes on your wood and laminate floors, and to make everything glide smoothly and quietly on tile floors.

24. A bottle of wood restorer — you can use it on basically any dehydrated or lightly damaged wood surface (floors, tables, finished and not finished) to transform it so it looks like new.

25. A power scrubber because it's just common sense to clean your dingy grout instead of thinking you need to replace it when regular cleaning products just didn't get the job done.

26. A fast-drying topcoat if you like to do your own nails, but always manage to smear at least one of them because you're impatient about letting them dry completely.

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