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    29 Useful Products Hikers Actually Swear By

    🎶I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through. 🎶

    1. A bug repellant spray to give your outdoorsy fabrics an insect-warding shield that lasts for six weeks and through repeat washings.

    2. A lightweight water-filtration system so you don't have to lug around gallons or frantically boil river water just because you're thirsty.

    3. An ultra-bright headlamp that lights your path while you high-five any low-hanging branches you might pass.

    4. A Swiss Army multitool, because carrying all these tools individually would mean having to leave behind that (second) bag of marshmallows.

    5. A pack of biodegradable body wipes you can bury after using, so the local wildlife won't smell you sneaking up to take a picture of them.

    6. A 12-pack of protein bars for the macronutrients you need to hike one more mile before setting up camp.

    7. An all-weather fire starter kit to end your days of starting fires with two sticks and appeals to The Forest God.

    8. A collapsible water bottle so practical, it's bound to impress anybody you might meet on the trail.

    9. And a dog bowl water bottle to rehydrate your Outdoor Pup, especially since they decided to wear a fur coat for your hike together.

    10. A 120-piece first aid kit with a bonus mini kit, because the nearest doctor is miles downstream (unless you're some type of ~woodsy~ medic).

    11. A zero-degree sleeping bag so you can tell your hiking party, "Good morning, everyone. I'm the meat of a well-rested burrito," when you wake up at the campsite.

    12. Or a packable emergency sleeping bag that does much more than just protect you from the elements when you're taking a nice nap on the ground.

    13. An ESEE survival knife for an instant transformation into a Woodland Champion, the type of person anyone would trust to lead them into the trees.

    14. A roll of Gorilla tape so you can cover tears in your tent you otherwise don't have the ability to mend and generally patch up your entire (outdoor) life.

    15. A propane-fueled coffee maker, because the meme, "Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee," still applies on the trail.

    16. A quick-drying towel to get all the creek water off you before you catch a cold. Nobody wants to sniffle on the mountain, no thank you.

    17. A survival bandana with a handy amount of information printed on it (including navigation tips and instructions for useful knots) that's big enough to use as a makeshift sling.

    18. A pair of sport sunglasses to keep your eyes sharp for the Bounty Of Nature you're out here to behold.

    19. A pocket blanket so you can turn every inch of the Earth into a seat that won't dirty up your pants.

    20. A pair of Darn Tough hiking socks that might be the difference between getting to that summit or asking your friend if the two of you can stop for another break.

    21. A six-pack of travel-ready toilet tissue so you never have to use a leaf that way ever again.

    22. An Osprey hiking pack, because you weren't planning to carry all your supplies in your hands, were you?

    23. And set of trekking poles to add more stability to your hike and really take advantage of the hands your backpack freed.

    24. A camping stove so your campsite food choices don't have to be limited to lukewarm beans and bags of almonds.

    25. A high-capacity power bank to extend the battery life of your iPhone while you're snapping pics to post on Instagram when you get back on the grid.

    26. A packable Arc'teryx rain jacket that earns you some serious Trail Cred while also ruining your willingness to wear other jackets.

    27. A three-person tent perfect for your home away from home, a patch of grass in the middle of nowhere with a magnificent view of the sunrise.

    28. A pair of lightweight Salomon hiking boots so you can hit the ground running, for the next hundred miles, possibly uphill and downhill.

    29. And a cocktail shaker, because the angle of sunlight cutting through a seemingly-endless expanse of untamed wilderness tells you it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

    Well, why don't you take a hike, buddy?

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