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    Updated on Sep 13, 2018. Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    Hikers, Runners, And Nurses Are Obsessed With These Socks

    I'm not kidding when I tell people Darn Tough socks have a cult following.

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    If there's one thing I love, it's talking about socks. If there's a good sock out there, I want to know about it.

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    No-show socks, compression socks, slipper socks — I love chatting about them all.

    I've learned a lot through #socktalk over the years, but the main thing I've found out is that people are OBSESSED with Darn Tough socks.

    I'm talking nurses, hikers, long-distance runners, construction workers, and other people who know a good sock when they see it. And even if you don't identify as a sock lover like me, if anything's going to help you see the true magic of a good pair of socks, it's Darn Tough.

    Literally every pair of Darn Tough socks is highly rated, but the most popular on Amazon are the men's merino wool hiking socks ($19.95).,

    These hiking socks come in boot (aka mid-calf), crew, and 1/4 height and all three sizes have over 1,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.

    Promising reviews: "Best socks ever! I'm a full-time nurse and a carpenter part-time. These socks are amazing...these are ALL I wear. It took four pairs two-and-a-half years to wear down the external layer on the balls of my feet. It cost me a couple of bucks to return them, and I had new ones on my abused feet within a few short weeks! I'm good for a couple more years! Merino wool is amazing: no stink, no itch, durable, and they feel great when it's hot or cold outdoors." —William

    "I'm not exactly easy on my socks. As a US army ranger, currently in the process with a special forces group, rucking (or hiking) is something that I do often. I'd tested dozens of socks, then I went to a mountain warfare course and all the instructors recommended Darn Tough, which I had known about before, but was deterred because of their price. I decided to give it a shot and bought a pair for about $18. When they arrived, I put them on and it was like stepping on a cloud, like hearing The Beatles for the first time, like picking up your car rental Prius, and they accidentally give you a Ferrari. It was amazing." —Brian

    For women (or, you know, anyone, since gender is a construct), the hiking crew socks ($18.99) are also ridiculously popular with a 4.8-star rating.

    They come in six different colors and, like all Darn Tough socks, come with a lifetime guarantee.

    Promising review: "I bought a gray pair of these socks recently while in the Yellowstone area and fell in love with them. I had to have another pair and color! I wear a size seven shoe, so I originally bought the small. I thought, at first, they were a little too small for me but my feet were freezing that day and I needed them. They have a snug fit, yet you can pull the toe area out a bit if you like more room. The glove fit seemed almost compression-like and never moved in my shoes or hiking boots later. No friction rubs under my toes...they really were comfortable and my feet stayed dry." —Peggy Giddens

    And if you're a runner, or just prefer no-show socks, these lightly cushioned athletic socks ($15.95) have over 800 reviews., Jackie / Via

    As one reviewer of these socks put it: "These make wearing socks an event." I truly don't know if I've ever related to a comment more.

    If you need any further motivation to try Darn Tough, just remember how good that ~new sock feeling~ is.

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    Ohhhhh yeah.

    Get Darn Tough socks on Amazon for $15.95+.

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