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    27 Camping Products That Will Make The Outdoors Greater

    Hammock people welcome.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. An inflatable couch that lets you lounge on a bed made of nothing but the wind.

    This royal recliner lets nature do the blowing. Just tamp down a gust with the seal, fasten the clips, and you can enjoy your own little Central Perk gabfest in the outdoors.

    Price: $34.89 at Walmart

    2. A slackline that lets you walk, jump, and bounce on air.

    Instagram: @gibbonslacklines,

    If you haven’t yet given the addictive sport of slacklining a try, it will quickly develop your balance and agility as you perform a series of “lookatmelookatmelookatmes.” Gibbon’s rig is super easy to string up and will take your core muscles back to the glory days.

    Price: $85.49 at Jet

    3. A 14-person tent, which works whether you have 14 regular people, or just four very messy ones.

    The multi-room setup lets you designate different sleeping areas and keeps your buddy’s muddy boots away from your memory foam pillow.

    Price: $224 at Walmart

    4. A wooden amplifier to crank your tunes, no power source required.

    This natural speaker system which requires no batteries and is perfect for a foresty dose of Fleet Foxes. Just a #servingsuggestion.

    Price: $14.99 on Amazon

    5. A double sleeping bag for double the cozy.

    Rated to 20 degrees, this super-plush sleeping bag lets you leach heat from your special someone through those clear, chilly nights under the stars.

    Price: $66.72 at Walmart

    6. A hammock for two that you can kip in during the day or camp in at night., Instagram: @enohammocks

    The ENO Flower of Life DoubleNest is designed to get you out of the dirt and into the trees. It weighs very little, and scrunches up tiny.

    Price: $89.95 at Jet

    **New Jet customers get 15% off their first three orders with the promo code SAVE15**

    7. A classic Traceable Down-filled mummy-style bag from Patagonia.

    Alternately, you can disappear into the ever-popular hybrid bag from Patagonia. Suitable for tree boughs, narrow cliff ledges, rocky outcrops, and pretty much anywhere else that will make for a good Instagram.

    Price: $279 at Patagonia

    8. A Featherlight sleeping mat with a built-in footrest and pillow,

    You might be roughing it, but you’re not roughing it on this self-inflating thermal mattress, which will set you aloft and keep your back happy after a long day’s wearing of short shorts.

    Price: $77.97 at Jet

    9. This pie-iron for avocado toast over the campfire.

    Because in the outdoors, you can have a house and eat your avocado toast, too. Also great for grilled cheeses and “whatever we have left over on day five” hot pockets.

    Price: $16.99 from Walmart

    10. A Jetboil stove system that lets you while away the hours hiking and swimming, then cook dinner in minutes.

    Instagram: @jetboil,

    Firing up this stove is as easy as turning a dial and clicking the on button, and allows you to boil water in 60 seconds flat if you are especially keen on a hot chocolate.

    Price: $99.95 at Jet

    11. An inflatable pillow for glorious dreams of mountain tops, sparkling aqua lakes, and bears.

    Wait, not bears!

    Self-inflatable and almost weightless.

    Price: $9.99+ at Walmart

    12. A kit containing headlamps and flashlights for the whole family.

    This six-piece kit means that everyone gets their own light source and no one has to walk into a tree during a middle-of-the-night commune with nature.

    Price: $9.82 at Walmart

    13. A star finder, for the zodiac-curious among you.

    Den-belitsky / Getty Images,

    Our ancestors navigated their way around the world using the stars as their guide. You can find Leo the Lion, and… that’s about it. In fairness, your ancestors didn’t have GPS on their cellphones.

    Price: $12.95 on Amazon

    14. A whittlin’ knife, so you can craft wooden artifacts or pointy sticks, or just make everyone call you Pappy.

    If you’ve had it up to here with wasting valuable Swiss army knife space on a corkscrew, you’re ready for the gorgeous outdoors knives from Flexcut. Your marshmallow-stick game is going to soar.

    Price: $45.15 at Jet

    15. A solar shower that lets you dance in a waterfall without hiking anywhere.

    When the zombiepocalypse comes, we’ll be out in the woods, enjoying warm showers.

    Price: $19.99 at Walmart

    16. A reclining chair that pack flat and lets you lay your weary legs out.

    I’m too tired for a chair with legs. Let me sit as nature intended: using no skeleton muscles whatsoever.

    Price: $34.99 at Walmart

    17. An instamatic camera, because you switched your phone off days ago.

    "Slightly smudgy" is truly the most flattering filter.

    Price: $68.83 at Walmart, film not included

    18. A National Parks coloring book for those chill afternoons at the campsite.

    From Acadia to Yellowstone, a bucket list of park destinations to color.

    Price: $10.19 at Walmart

    19. A portable mosquito repeller that will create an invisible no-bug dome around you.

    You can love nature and still want to eradicate mosquitos, imo.

    Price: $29.99 at Amazon; refills $14.89 for a pack of four at Jet.

    20. A hanging tree pod tent straight out of Lothlórien.

    The tent that reimagines the camping paradigm.

    Price: $300 at REI

    21. Freeze-dried lasagna, for when you're too tired to do anything but boil water.

    As Mary Barry might say, I think you’ve cracked it.

    Price: $7.12 at Walmart

    22. Astronaut ice cream, because you're exploring new frontiers, even if not the final one.

    Freeze-dried ice cream is delicious and won't spoil or melt in the heat, making it the perfect camping dessert.

    Price: $3.75 at Jet

    23. The most delicious freeze-dried coffee, because even the most finicky coffee snobs don't want to haul a bunch of beans on a hike.

    Price: $10.24 on Jet or $13.50 on Amazon

    24. A kayak that lets you do battle with the rapids (or laze on the lake).,

    Don't limit your exploration to dry land.

    Price: $197.95 with the code SPORT25 at Jet

    25. A folding crash pad so you can rock-climb without a single rope or harness.

    This pad is midsize and comes with padded shoulder straps for hauling it in.

    Coincidentally, the drop-zone is also what we call our bellies.

    Price: $249.95 at REI

    26. A camp pot with two nesting cups, for maximum efficiency.

    According to some review, it's also essential for a bug-out bag (eep!).

    Price: $11.77 at Walmart

    27. A tough-as-nails duffel to haul all your excellent camping gear.

    It stuffs into its own pocket, is water repellent, can fit a week’s worth of gear, and is the only duffel I would put money on to survive a trip over Niagara Falls.

    Price: $149 from Patagonia

    Bear Grylls status, here you come!

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