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What's The Best Thing You've Ever Bought For $25 Or Less?

We want to know!

Hey! What useful product under $25 do you love, swear by, and cherish because it helps you out in either a large or small way? And why is it worth keeping around?

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Maybe it's a set of containers that stores all your produce and keeps it completely fresh until you can use every last bit, so you actually get to eat and truly enjoy more of the food you bought before it goes bad.

Like these Freshworks containers, $22.99 on Amazon for the set of three.

It could be something that helps you sleep better each and every night, like a mask weighted with microbeads that blocks the light and makes you feel incredibly secure and comforted.

Like this one, $25 on Amazon.

Perhaps it's a cleaning gadget like this drain millipede, that clears slow drains blocked with a buildup of hair and gunk with a simple push-then-pull, for way less than the cost of a plumber.

It's $4.86 on Amazon, if you have any slow-flowing drains at the moment.

Or maybe it's something you saw on TV that you decided to buy as a joke or on a whim, and it actually turned out to be something you rely on each and every day.

Like I imagine most early adopters of the Squatty Potty must have. You can get the toilet stools on Amazon for $19.99.

Or it could be something else entirely! As long as you love it + find it useful + it's $25 or less, we want to hear about it. So tell us why it's great, include a link if you can, and for bonus points, upload a photo of it (double points if it's a before and after) via the drop box below — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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