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    Priyanka Chopra Explained The Adorable Reason She Took Nick Jonas' Last Name And I've Never Felt More Alone

    "I don't take away my identity. He gets added to who I am."

    There's no question around here that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were the cutest new couple of 2018. They officially got together in May, and were married in December.

    Since then, they've been pretty open about their life as a married couple. They've both shared countless adorable photos, and Priyanka recently opened up to Ellen about how sweet her new husband is.

    Well, during an appearance on the Tonight Show on Tuesday, Priyanka explained why she decided to take Nick's last name, and her reasoning is completely adorable.

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    "I always wanted to add his name to mine, because I feel like we're becoming family," she said. "I'm a little traditional and old school like that."

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    "But I don't take away my identity. He gets added to who I am," she went on.

    Priyanka also revealed that she initially didn't want to have the wedding in India, because she didn't want to make it a huge ceremony.

    "I wanted to get married on some private island, away from everything, and we were really stressed out about it," she said. "We thought Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, but nothing was working out."

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    But, while they were in Mumbai planning the wedding, Nick convinced her that the ceremony should happen in her home country.

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    "Nick just said, 'Why aren't we doing this in India? Shouldn't I be taking my bride from her home?'" she explained. "And when he said that, I was like, 'Oh.'"

    Now, excuse me while I hide in a corner and cry about how cute these two are.


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