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    Here Are The Small Details You Probably Missed In Kylie Jenner's House Tour

    From condom wall sculptures to Kylie Cosmetics references.

    Yesterday, Architectural Digest unveiled their latest cover star — Kylie Jenner — and gave us a tour of her stunning Hidden Hills home.

    And while every room is obviously to die for, there are a few small but very interesting details that you may have missed.


    Here are the best.

    1. The leather chairs in Kylie's dining room are a nod to her world-famous lipsticks.

    Architectural Digest

    The leather upholstery on the chairs in Kylie's dining room were custom-dyed to match the exact hues from her lipstick collection, ranging from pale pink to deep garnet.

    2. And there's a reference to Kylie Cosmetics in the living room, too.

    Architectural Digest

    The gold tables on either side of the fireplace in her living room have metallic drip patterns hanging off them, mimicking the art on her Kylie Cosmetics packaging.

    3. There's condom artwork on the walls of her bar.

    Architectural Digest

    There's so much going on in the bar that it'd be easy to miss the four giant condom wall structures from Beau Dunn’s “Size Does Matter” series. There appears to be a combination of Trojan and Magnum condoms — size XXL, naturally.

    4. Oh and there's also a portrait of Kylie in the bar too.

    Architectural Digest, Instagram: @kyliejenner

    The portrait of a blonde girl dressed in lingerie smoking a cigarette looks to be inspired by this photo of Kylie, which she posted on Instagram a couple of years ago.

    5. Photos of Kris Jenner are framed in the guest bedroom.

    Architectural Digest,

    Eagle-eyed Kardashian fans may have noticed that the black and white photographs depicting a woman clad in fur are actually of Kris Jenner! Kylie revealed on Instagram back in May 2016 that the portraits were shot back in the '80s and she decided to incorporate them into her interior decoration because her mom is her "inspiration."

    6. There's butterfly artwork in the dining room — perhaps a nod to Stormi.

    Architectural Digest

    Seven butterfly silk screens from Damien Hirst's "I Love You" series hang in the dining room. It's likely that these are a nod to Kylie's daughter Stormi, since it's been widely speculated that her name was inspired by The Butterfly Effect — both the theory and the Travis Scott song.

    7. The Marilyn Monroe portraits lining the stairs have a special meaning.

    Architectural Digest

    Kylie's interior designer revealed that she "feels a deep connection to Marilyn Monroe," and so the artwork was selected to reflect that.

    8. And, finally, this Tracey Emin neon sculpture is a Kardashian/Jenner family staple.

    Architectural Digest
    E!, Evening Standard,

    Kylie also has a Tracy Emin neon sculpture spelling out the words: "I can't believe how much you love me" in her office. Kylie isn't the only family member to have one of these sculptures — Kendall Jenner also has one detailing the dimensions of Emin's ex-boyfriend's penis with a message beneath to his new girlfriend: "Glad to hear your a happy girl" [sic] Kris Jenner has another saying: "I can feel you everywhere" in her home. And it seems the family took inspiration from Emin's artwork for Khloé Kardashian's baby shower, which featured a similar neon sign spelling out the words: "Baby Thompson" in Kris Jenner's handwriting.

    You can see all of the photos from Kylie's home here.

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