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Chris Evans Helping Regina King Up The Oscars Steps Sparked A Debate About Male Feminism

"The bar for white men is literally the earth's core."

Last night the Oscars were held in LA, and the ceremony was full of unforgettable moments, including Rami Malek falling off the stage and the internet losing its mind over Jason Momoa's scrunchie.

But arguably the cutest moment of the evening was Chris Evans helping Regina King make her way up to the stage to collect her award for Best Supporting Actress.

Chris Evans knows what to do in the presence of a Queen. #ReginaKing #Oscars

As you can see from the clip, Regina stumbled over her dress and Chris jumped up to offer his arm for support.

The gesture wasn't dissimilar to when Chris helped Betty White make her way to the People's Choice Awards stage in 2015.

People on Twitter loved the moment. In fact, Chris was trending worldwide for a solid four hours as a result.

And people were quick to heap praise on him.

Chris Evans: Helping Regina King walk to the stage, being a gentleman. Me: #Oscars

How do I tattoo Chris Evans helping Regina King to my chest? #Oscars

With many saying it was proof that chivalry was alive and well.

However, others didn't feel the same way and said the moment was proof of just how low the bar of expectation is for attractive straight white men.

Some thought the moment was cute, but couldn't understand why it had caused such fanfare.

Or why Chris was being heralded as an example of male feminism.

Chris Evans helped Regina up the stairs and now he’s the Male feminist of the year?

Some were annoyed that the moment had detracted from Regina's win.

i really can’t believe y’all made regina king’s win about chris evans doing the bare fucking minimum

However, others jumped in to argue that Chris was simply being "compassionate."

And others turned the whole thing into a joke.

@RandyRainbow @ChrisEvans Although I feel my inner feminist protesting that she didn’t really need help. But honestly I wouldn’t refuse his help with. It’s a struggle.