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    41 Backstage Celebrity Photos From The Oscars You Need To See

    So many A-List selfies!

    1. Michael B Jordan brought his mom as his date and shared this photo alongside a cute caption.

    2. Mark Ronson and Lady Gaga were completely overwhelmed after winning the award for Original Song with "Shallow."

    3. Ryan Seacrest shared this snap before heading to the red carpet for hosting duties.

    4. Where he hung out with Awkwafina...

    5. Adam Lambert...

    6. And Jennifer Hudson.

    7. Jennifer, meanwhile, did some star-spotting of her own. First, she met Glenn Close.

    8. Then, at the after-party, she posed for photos with Barbara Streisand...

    9. Chaka Khan...

    10. Scottie Pippen...

    11. And Idris Elba.

    12. Michelle Yeoh shared this photo of her glam squad making their final touches.

    13. Before posing for this star-studded selfie.

    14. Allison Janney posted this from her hotel suite before heading to the red carpet.

    15. And Gemma Chan shared this gorgeous photo before heading off.

    16. Trevor Noah, Michael B Jordan and Tiffany Haddish posed for this excellent selfie.

    17. And Trevor also posted this photo of Spike Lee alongside an adorable caption explaining the shot.

    18. Constance Wu looked incredible.

    19. And was super excited to present an award with Awkwafina.

    20. Charlize Theron shared this snap en route.

    21. Miley Cyrus posed up a storm before hitting the parties.

    22. And Taylor Swift went all ~Old Hollywood glamour.~

    23. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had a playful moment on the after-party red carpet.

    24. Jason Momoa hung out with his wife, Lisa Bonet.

    25. And went on to have an absolute ball with Helen Mirren...

    26. Barbara Streisand...

    27. As well as his Game of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke.

    28. Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, shared this photo of herself surrounded by her glam squad.

    29. And posted this stunning selfie from the car.

    30. Amy Adams looked amazing.

    31. So did Marie Kondo.

    32. And Billy Porter arrived in style.

    33. Ashley Graham showed us her glam squad at work.

    34. And Queen Latifah grabbed a selfie with hers.

    35. Laura Marano posted this gorgeous shot before the madness began.

    36. Meagan Good couldn't hide her excitement as she made her way inside the ceremony.

    37. SZA was overwhelmed after seeing every actor she stans in the flesh.

    38. Caitlyn Jenner got glammed up for the after-party.

    39. Kelly Ripa joked that she and her husband looked as though they were attending prom.

    40. Shangela and Jennifer Lewis were exhausted by the end of the night.

    41. And, finally, Spike Lee shared this iconic photo with his award.

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