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    Updated on Feb 26, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

    The New "Game Of Thrones" Footage Is A Deep Cut For Arya Stark Fans

    A girl can't have Nymeria back, but maybe she could have a dragon instead?

    In all the hubbub of the Oscars yesterday, you may have missed the new Game of Thrones footage that dropped with HBO's latest 2019 clip trailer:

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    The video showcases footage from everything coming up in 2019, so it's VERY understandable if it slipped under your radar.

    And here's JUST the Arya Stark footage in wonderful GIF form in case that's all you care about:


    Obviously this magical shot is exciting for any GoT fan, but it's also a subtle callback to Arya's story that will make you full-on weep. Let's jump back to Season 2, Episode 7, "A Man Without Honor" to dig in...


    For a quick refresher, Arya spent most of Season 2 at the old, run-down castle Harrenhal. She arrived as a prisoner, but was soon taken under Tywin Lannister's command as his cup bearer. So, they had a lil' bit of time to bond while Arya was basically planning his murder (LOL) — which, of course, she wasn't able to do.

    Anyway, in a rare moment of compassion, Tywin lets Arya have his mutton dinner and then he harps on about his family's legacy and Harrenhal — which was Harron the Black's legacy. "The greatest fortress ever built," he says.


    Tywin begins to mansplain to Arya the history of how Harrenhal was destroyed. He says, "Harrenhal was built to withstand an attack from the land [...] but an attack from the air, the dragon fire... Harren and all his sons roasted alive within these walls."

    He continues man-washing history saying Aegon Targaryen "changed the rules."


    But then perfect human Arya Stark corrects Tywin saying, "Aegon AND his sisters."


    LOL, Tywin here like, "Huh?"


    Arya reminds him, "It wasn't just Aegon riding his dragon it was Rhaenys and Visenya, too."


    Tywin, "I'm sure I knew that when I was a boy." (Insert VERY LARGE side eye emoji.)

    Arya continued, "Visenya Targaryen was a great warrior. She had a Valyrian steel sword she called Dark Sister."


    Tywin continuing to state the obvious, "She's a heroine of yours I take it."

    TL;DR Arya is a HUGE Targaryen fangirl. So it's EXTRA special for her to actually see a dragon just like the one her hero Visenya Targaryen once rode. (And, I ASSUME she'll be pretty psyched to meet Daenerys, too?!)


    Arya can't have Nymeria back, but maybe she could have a dragon instead? LOL, prob not, but A GIRL CAN DREAM.

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