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    24 Low-Effort Ways To Keep Your Home, Like, 95% Clean

    Calling all lazy neat freaks.

    1. Make your bed first thing in the morning so your bedroom instantly looks neat and tidy, no matter how messy the rest of the room happens to be.

    2. Stash a pack of biodegradable cleaning wipes under your bathroom sink, then swab things down once a day so you never have to deal with a buildup of dust or mildew.

    3. Wear sweeper slippers to pick up hair, dust, and fuzzies as you cook, do your makeup, pace while talking on the phone, or just generally hang out on your wood or tile floors.

    4. Or to really keep your floors cleaner than you ever thought possible, splurge a little on a robo vac. Idk about you, but there's no way I'm ever going to vacuum or sweep every day without one of these little buddies doing it for me.

    5. Prevent all the people you love from tracking outside dirt and grime into your home in the first place: set out a doormat that will encourage people to wipe their feet.

    6. You could even take it one step further and create a designated spot for everyone to take their shoes off at the door.

    7. And if you have dogs who constantly bring dirt in from the yard, wipe down their paws with an old towel β€” or if a towel just doesn't cut it, a paw washer β€” before they come back inside.

    8. You can clean all kinds of things in the dishwasher instead of spending time washing each thing individually, as long as they're glass, non-rusting metal, or plastic (assuming you skip the heat cycle).

    9. Soak your clogged and mildew-y shower head in a plastic bag filled with vinegar for a couple of hours, and it should dissolve every bit of the buildup.

    10. Stamp some gel into your clean toilet to actually keep it that way for weeks at a time, no scrubbing required.

    11. Banish years of rusty buildup all over your bathroom with some spray-on cleaning gel β€” all you do is spray, wait a minute or two, then rinse to reveal your bathroom's ~sparkle~.

    12. Mist your shower walls, curtain/door, tub, fixtures and floor after you turn off the water and you'll (almost) never need to deep clean your shower ever again.

    13. Catch all the hair you and the people you live with shed in the shower using a silicone drain cover, so you can stop spending so much $$ on chemical de-cloggers, and never have to call the plumber for help.

    14. Keep a bottle of all-purpose stain remover around for those inevitable occasions where you don't want to deal with a professional carpet cleaner β€” or pick it up to tackle those set-in stains you got tired of looking at years ago.

    15. Lay down a layer of wax paper or paper bags on the tops of cabinets and furniture β€” especially in the kitchen β€” to catch greasy dust, then simply swap it out months later when it gets grimy.

    16. Coat your oven in a fume-free cleaner and literally go to bed, leaving it to cut through years of built-up grease and grime overnight.

    17. Then put a shallow cookie sheet on the bottom rack of your oven (or a reusable liner) to catch any future spills before they start.

    18. Microwave a bowl filled with water + lemon for three to five minutes β€” then leave the door closed for a few minutes so everything can steam β€” and you'll be able to wipe off every single dried-on food bit with one swipe of a paper towel.

    19. Eliminate the smears and fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances by treating them with a two-in-one cleaner and polish once a month or so.

    20. Line your refrigerator shelves with absorbent, machine-washable mats to prevent small spills from drying to a sticky mess you have to painstakingly scrape off a little at a time.

    21. Shine up your cooktop or stove in five minutes: Drizzle on some Dawn and hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle with baking soda, and scrub in circles with a dish brush.

    22. Pull out a lint roller to quickly pick up all the dust that's built up on your lampshades... well, since the last time you cleaned your lampshades.

    23. And wipe down all your other surfaces with a microfiber duster, which attracts and holds onto dust like a magnet, instead of brushing it into the air just to settle again later.

    24. Make pet or lingering food smells vanish without lifting a finger: just light a candle designed specifically to eliminate those sorts of scents.

    You, enjoying all the extra time you have in your life because you don't have to spend the weekend cleaning:

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