"Period", A Film About Menstruation, Just Won An Oscar And Everyone Is (RIGHTFULLY) Ecstatic

    "I can't believe a movie about a woman's period just won an Oscar."

    Period. End of Sentence, a film set in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, about the taboo around periods just won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

    The 26-minute film follows women in U.P. as they try to disperse the stigma around periods, and attempt to install pad machines and sell sanitary pads in their village.

    The film was coproduced by Guneet Monga and her production company Sikhya Entertainment.

    And she was obviously super excited.

    WE WON!!! To every girl on this earth... know that you are a goddess... if heavens are listening... look MA we put @sikhya on the map ❤️

    People also loved that a film around such an important issue was given its due.

    Well deserved. Period! #Periodendofsentence

    A subject so close to my heart, India needed this movie decades ago. #Periodendofsentence

    One of the most special moments of the evening...a film based on the taboos around menstruation wins BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT! Congratulations to the entire #Periodendofsentence team, and my fearless friend @guneetm!! #Oscars2019

    Wow! A doc about women’s periods just won an #oscar! #PeriodEndOfSentence Amazing! #sweeteningthepill #cyclesandsex 🙌🙌🙌❤️

    Best line of #Oscars2019: "I can't believe a movie about a woman's period just won an Oscar." Congrats to #periodendofsentence for winning Best Documentary Short.

    The film is currently streaming on Netflix, so if you haven't seen it yet, you should.