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    16 Things From "Sex And The City" That Would Be Unacceptable Today

    Yes, we loved the show. But can we really have a moment to discuss the show's issues?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the moments in Sex And The City that would totally be problematic in 2019. Here are some of the best responses...well, worst moments.

    1. The completely inappropriate way men sexually pressured women in the workplace.

    2. The way Samantha's friends slut-shamed her.

    3. The overall closed-mindedness around sexuality on the show.

    4. The anti-Semitic stereotypes against Jews that were evident in the series.

    5. How women pressured other women to do sexual things they weren't comfortable with in order to keep a man.

    6. The stereotypes attached to the gay characters on the show.

    7. Carrie's excessive entitlement despite her terrible money choices.

    8. How women were pitted against each other over a man's affection.

    9. Mr. Big and Carrie's relationship actually being pretty toxic.

    10. The way women are judged for not being married by their 30's.

    11. The classicism that shows throughout the show.

    12. That women, once they were married, quit their jobs because they were being taken care of.

    13. The girls being okay with Carrie when she cheated on Aiden, even though it wouldn't have been fine if the tables were turned.

    14. The idea that being 30 years old makes you, well, old.

    15. The fact that the show was quite white-washed. VERY white-washed, actually.

    16. And finally, the gross stereotypes they attached to the ~few~ minority characters on the show.

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