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October 7, 2019

After A Controversial Series Finale, “Game Of Thrones” Fans Unite Behind The Show’s Music

“The only good thing about Season 8 was the music," one GoT fan told BuzzFeed News at the show’s live music tour.

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 14 minutes ago
Angelica Martinez • 42 minutes ago

17 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Within 10 Feet Of A Cake

Real cakes were killed in the making of this.

Pablo Valdivia • 44 minutes ago
Delia Cai • 59 minutes ago

14 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands You Probably Should Know By Now, If You Don't Already

Celebrate beauty this Hispanic Heritage Month by checking out these incredible brands.

Jennifer Tonti • 8 minutes ago
Marissa G. Muller • 18 minutes ago

Trump's Homeland Security Chief Was Shouted Offstage By Protesters At An Immigration Forum

Kevin McAleenan gave up trying to make a speech on immigration and left the stage after being shouted down by protesters at Georgetown University’s law school.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 1 hour ago

21 Things I Learned About Frankie Muniz From His Unique Twitter

"Some people are just getting home from the club right now. I've already been asleep for seven hours and I'm up early to watch some infomercials."

Ajani Bazile • 38 minutes ago

連休に台風19号が東京直撃か ラグビー日本戦中止の可能性も どうなる日本列島と日本代表


Yoshihiro Kando • 1 hour ago

The US Just Blacklisted China’s Most Valuable Facial Recognition Startups Over Human Rights Abuses

“These entities have been implicated in human rights violations and abuses ... against Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups."

Ryan Mac • 1 hour ago

26 Of The Best Desserts From Latin-American Countries

~'Cause every taste is ooh-la-la, it's true la-la-la~

Nusrat Sultana • 5 minutes ago

19 Creepy Books You'll Want To Read This Spooky Season

Here's to sleepless nights for all of us this October!

Hameda Nafiz • 2 hours ago

Estas fotos raras da Amazônia no século 19 foram compradas num leilão em NY e virão para o Brasil

Em 1867, o alemão Albert Frisch percorreu 400 léguas pelo rio Amazonas e por seus afluentes, de Tabatinga a Manaus, ao longo de cinco meses.

Mauro Albano • 2 hours ago

Are You A "Shiasexual"?

It's time to come out of the closet: I am a proud ShiaSexual.

Matt Stopera • 18 minutes ago
Jon-Michael Poff • 1 hour ago

Quantas destas pequenas humilhações do cotidiano já aconteceram com você?

Pra todo mundo que já gritou "VAI DESCEEEEER!!!" no busão.

Matheus Saad • 1 hour ago

Produtos de beleza para quem tá na correria.

Perfeitos pra você que tá sem tempo, irmão.

Gaia Passarelli • 3 hours ago
Samantha Wieder • 2 hours ago

18 Small Home Decor Items That Will Transform Your Home For Fall

Pillows, string lights, candles, and more!

Kaysey Davis • 3 hours ago

The "Riverdale" Parents Said It Was "Very Difficult" To Relive Luke Perry's Death While Filming The Tribute Episode

"It's so hard because you expect to see him in Pop's or turning the corner."

Nora Dominick • 5 minutes ago
Spencer Althouse • 2 hours ago

16 Funny Fails From This Week

Featuring a sea lion and a spider.

Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

Hilarie Burton And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Are Now Husband And Wife And Have Restored My Faith In Love

I love that Denny from "Grey's" and Peyton from "One Tree Hill" are married!

Ehis Osifo • 2 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 2 hours ago

21 Things That'll Make Studying A Lot Less Painful

Time to take the "dying" out of "studying."

Mikael Melo • 3 hours ago
Spencer Althouse • 3 hours ago

17 Easy-To-Use Gadgets That Can Help To Make Your Life Easier

These products require little to no effort to actually use, perfect for all my fellow technophobes.

Valeza Bakolli • 3 hours ago

17 Reusable Products That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

Feel free to reuse this post by bookmarking it for eco-friendly product inspiration.

Jennifer Tonti • 2 hours ago

#TastyTesta Pessoas Provam comidas instantâneas

Esses aqui não são nada como o macarrão que você compra no final do mês!

Pryscila Colasso • 4 hours ago
Lauren Yapalater • 4 hours ago

What's The Most Iconic Opening Line From A Song?

♫ Do you remember, the 21st night of September? ♫

Kayla Yandoli • 3 hours ago

Qual vilã icônica de novela é você?

Aquelas que vieram para CAUSAR!

Priscila Mendes • 3 hours ago
Dave Stopera • 1 hour ago

37 Packing Basics You Should Probably Know By Now

::bookmarks this and the Google flights page::

Maitland Quitmeyer • 4 hours ago

See Rihanna Like You've Never Seen Her Before In Her Photo Autobiography

Rihanna just gave the phrase "BOOKED and busy" a whole new meaning.

Morgan Murrell • 4 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth • 5 minutes ago

There’s A Good Chance You’ll Find Your New Favorite Gadget In This Post

Vacuums and video games and critter catchers, oh my.

Heather Braga • 4 hours ago

20 Items You Should Probably Be Replacing More Than You Are

🎵"You're replaceableeeee..." 🎵—Beyonce talking about your kitchen sponge (probably)

Abby Kass • 4 hours ago

25 Things For People Who Prefer A Low-Effort Halloween

Doing the bare minimum to celebrate Halloween? Heck yes.

Melanie Aman • 4 hours ago

29 Bathroom Essentials You Can Get From Walmart

From body wash to toilet scrubbers, your bathroom will be covered.

Elisabeth Narine • 5 hours ago
Sarah Aspler • 5 hours ago

A fake news do Crivella sobre juíza fez disparar buscas por “Togadas e Tatuadas” na internet

A juíza Mirela tem um canal no YouTube sobre questões legais. O prefeito do Rio inventou que ela tem um site sobre “como conseguir um namorado”.

Tatiana Farah • 5 minutes ago
Casey Rackham • 4 hours ago
Dave Stopera • 5 minutes ago

A Week's Worth Of 3-Ingredient Trader Joe's Lunches You Can Make On A Budget

Save the effort and the extra dollars but still eat well.

Hannah Loewentheil • 4 hours ago
Luiz Guilherme Moura • 4 hours ago
Matheus Saad • 3 hours ago

27 Products To Help You Break Your Bad Sleep Habits

Sorry, I can't hear you over all this great sleep I'm having.

Melanie Aman • 4 hours ago
Allie Hayes • 6 hours ago

"Rick And Morty" Season 4 Finally Has A Trailer And, Holy Heck, It's Perfect

"Half the season you deserve, all the season we could handle."

Allie Hayes • 5 hours ago

21 Products Our Readers Swear By For Getting More Sleep

The gadgets, apps, natural remedies, and more that people swear by for getting in some serious shut-eye.

Kat Angus • 6 hours ago

23 Jokes Women Tweeted This Week That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

"I was a four loko but he wanted a white claw — rupi kaur."

Shyla Watson • 5 hours ago
Julia Reinstein • 5 minutes ago

15 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

"Gay culture is having tons of exes but never actually dating anyone."

Ryan Schocket • 6 hours ago
Nora Dominick • 5 hours ago

Produtos baratinhos para fazer as maquiagens de "Euphoria"

Pra quando você está muito eufórica.

Gaia Passarelli • 3 hours ago

Laverne Cox Wants People To Rally At The Supreme Court As It Hears A Major Sex Discrimination Case

"This will be the first time the Supreme Court is hearing any case about transgender civil rights, the first time, ever."

Michael Blackmon • 6 hours ago
Casey Rackham • 2 hours ago
Jen Abidor • 6 hours ago

15 Cosas que solamente la gente que trabaja en IT entenderá

"¡¿Que hiciste un DELETE FROM sin poner el WHERE?!"

Carlos Muñoz • 6 hours ago

22 Tweets About "The Walking Dead's" Season 10 Premiere

Yes, this show is still on. No, The Walking Dead fans don't care if you stopped watching.

Christopher Hudspeth • 3 hours ago
BuzzFeed Events • 2 hours ago

23 "Vibe Check" Memes That In No Way Clarify What A "Vibe Check" Is

"Started referring to my therapy appointments as vibe checks, and my therapist threatened to stop taking my insurance."

Tessa Fahey • 7 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 3 hours ago

Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Is Going Away

No longer can you cringe while seeing your friends' or coworkers' thirsty late-night likes.

Katie Notopoulos • 5 minutes ago
Hanifah Rahman • 3 hours ago

37 Highly-Rated Products On Amazon That Have Over One Thousand Reviews

Including a WiFi booster that has gotten a lot of praise.

Isabel Daly • 7 hours ago
Ellie Bate • 3 hours ago
Kayla Yandoli • 2 hours ago
Krista Torres • 5 minutes ago

The Boris Johnson Tech Entrepreneur Scandal Explained For Americans And The Confused

IT lessons, pole dancing, sex (allegedly), an alt-right troll, and classic literature. It really is a tale as old as time.

Alan White • 5 hours ago

We Want To Hear From Millennials Who Financially Support Their Parents

In one survey, the percentage of millennials who said they financially support their parents was the same as baby boomers who said they support their adult children.

Venessa Wong • 5 hours ago

16 Adorable Dog Posts To Jumpstart Your Week

*thinks about that dog's feet*

Syd Robinson • 7 hours ago

17 Funny AF Tweets From This Week

"Have you ever realized your jaw has been tightly clenched for the last 15 years?"

Ryan Schocket • 3 hours ago
Brian Galindo • 3 hours ago

¿Qué tan rápido morirías en una película de zombies?

Seguro más pronto de lo que crees.

Eythel Aracil • 44 minutes ago

Describe Your Pet And We'll Determine Their Personality Type

At the end of the day, we're all just a bunch of animals.

Kyle Davis • 5 hours ago

The Definitive Ranking Of Popular Dog Names

This is it: the truth, unwavering and infinite.

Kyle Davis • 8 hours ago

16 Artículos que amarán los fanáticos de los zombis

Date vuelo con este festín de cerebros y sangre que hemos preparado para ti.

Yara Salgado • 8 hours ago

¿Qué perro famoso eres?

Quizás no eres tan Snoopy como piensas.

Eythel Aracil • 1 hour ago

21 Things You Can Get To Apologize To Your Cat For Being So, Ugh, Human

Let's be real, they aren't even trying to keep it a secret.

Mallory Mower • 7 hours ago

26 Cats Online That Made Me Stare At My Phone And Utter "Wowowowow"

Self-care tip: fill your feed with felines.

Clark McCaskill • 8 hours ago

10 Veces en las que Michelle Williams demostró que es, por mucho, la mejor actriz que salió de 'Dawson’s Creek'

Michelle Williams ha recorrido un larguísimo camino desde que era Jen Lindley.

Yara Salgado • 8 hours ago

Contesta 6 preguntas y te diremos qué versión del Guasón eres

El archienemigo de Batman ha tenido muchas versiones en el cine, pero sólo una se parece a ti.

Luis Del Valle • 8 hours ago

Qué te gusta más, ¿el libro o la película?

Aquí nadie te va a juzgar si eliges la película.

Eythel Aracil • 8 hours ago

"Me Before You" Author Jojo Moyes Has Been Accused Of Publishing A Novel With "Alarming Similarities" To Another Author's Book

The historical novels The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and The Giver of Stars, published a few months apart, share some noticeable similarities. Book Woman author Kim Michele Richardson has raised concerns; Moyes denies having read Richardson’s book.

Tomi Obaro • 6 hours ago
Lauren Garafano • 2 hours ago

Jennifer Arcuri Was Paid "Low Five-Figures" For Her ITV Interview

ITV's Good Morning Britain paid between £10,000–20,000 for the interview with the model turned tech entrepreneur, according to a source.

Mark Di Stefano • 5 hours ago

What Is The Grossest Thing That You've Seen In Your Office Bathroom?

*Backs away and closes cubicle door in disgust.*

Josie Ayre • 8 hours ago

19 Really Great YA Books You'll Want To Pick Up This Fall

Autumn is here, which means cozy reading nights.

Farrah Penn • 2 hours ago

24 Things You'll Probably Love If You Have A Case Of Wanderlust

If you have a world map on your wall and a Pinterest board full of travel quotes, then I'm pretty sure you'll want the stuff on this list.

Kayla Boyd • 9 hours ago
Hannah Loewentheil • 6 hours ago

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on slow cookers, lightning cables, office chairs, and dinnerware sets.

Emily Shwake • 9 hours ago

Answer Some Questions To Reveal What Percent Cheshire Cat You Are

"You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself."

A Judge Ruled Eight Years Of Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Turned Over To A Grand Jury

A federal appeals court temporarily put the ruling on hold while Trump appeals, however.

Zoe Tillman • 5 minutes ago

15 momentos sombrios do Disney Channel que talvez você tenha apagado da memória

O filme A Casa Inteligente? É bem assustador, se parar para pensar.

Lauren Garafano • 9 hours ago
Kayla Yandoli • 5 minutes ago
Elisabeth Narine • 9 hours ago
Brian Galindo • 6 hours ago
Patrick Baker • 10 hours ago
Samantha Wieder • 7 hours ago
Ajani Bazile • 7 hours ago
Ping • 8 hours ago
Ellie Woodward • 1 hour ago
Josie Ayre • 10 hours ago

Welches Paar aus der Netflix-Serie „Elite“ sind du und deine bessere Hälfte?

Seid ihr beiden mehr wie Nadia und Guzmán oder Samuel und Carla?

Luis Del Valle • 12 hours ago

Here Are 29 Of The Best Adult Halloween Costumes You Can Get At Walmart

Prepare to be serving some super spooky ~lewks.~

Shelby Heinrich • 11 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich • 12 hours ago

Incoming: Can Tom Holland Solve Climate Change Next?

A second whistleblower comes forward, Hong Kong's mask ban, the FDA warns about vaping THC. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Oct. 7.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 4 hours ago

24 Festive Decorations To Elevate Your Home This Diwali

Festival season will be LIT with these evergreen decorations and decor.

Sharanya Haridas • 12 hours ago

Tasty's New Line Of Toys With Little Tikes Is So Cute, I Wish They'd Existed When I Was A Kid

*Sneaks into playroom when kids are asleep and plays with color-changing cookies because they're just too cute*

Katy Herman • 10 hours ago

North West Embarrassed Kim Kardashian By Telling JoJo Siwa What She'd Said About Her In Private

"I don't want her to ever feel like it's a work thing and she has to do it."

Ellie Woodward • 4 hours ago

ありのままが美しい 加工無しで「リアル」を晒した海外セレブたち


13 Products For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With Coffee

Where have these bean all my life?

Daniella Emanuel • 12 hours ago

23 DIY Beauty Treatments To Try If You're Sick Of Spending Money At The Salon

The only thing better than looking great is saving money while you're doing it.

ちょっと…美味しすぎません?コメダの“限定シロノワール” 多幸感がえげつない






Ben Henry • 2 hours ago







Three Scientists Just Won The Nobel Prize In Medicine For Discovering How Oxygen Affects Cells

William Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe, and Gregg Semenza were awarded the 2019 prize for discovering a fundamental process in animal life: how cells respond to oxygen.

Azeen Ghorayshi • 4 hours ago

18 Products Any Wine Lover Should Own

It's wine o'clock around the clock in this household.



Krista Torres • 1 hour ago



bleghspagetti • 6 hours ago

Die Bundesregierung unternimmt weiterhin nichts gegen Operationen an intersexuellen Kindern

Bis heute werden rund 2000 Kinder pro Jahr operiert, damit sie in das Schema „Junge oder Mädchen“ passen.

Juliane Loeffler • 5 minutes ago



16 Practical Products For The Trekking-Enthusiast In You

I believe it's time for a new adventure!

Simply Seventeen • 2 hours ago

Pick Your Favorite Desserts We'll Give You A Barney Stinson Quote To Live By

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

Bella Javier • 4 hours ago

Which American City Should You Move To?

Are you about the hustle and bustle or the laid-back life?

citylobbyist • 5 hours ago

17 Moments From "Friends" That Are Too Relatable If You're Over 25

"Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it!" — Monica

ThatOneTennisGirl • 7 hours ago
missbhaven • 4 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller • 1 hour ago

Sorry, If You're Under 22, There's Absolutely No Way You've Heard Of These Emo Songs

♫ Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade ♫

Vote On Which Hogwarts House You Think These "Big Mouth" Characters Are In

It's off to the sorting hat for these hormonal teens.

tullykate03 • 1 hour ago



Shelby Heinrich • 9 hours ago



36 Magical Disney Products Even The Biggest Fans Probably Haven't Seen Before

♬ Every product a surprise...every item red letter...I'll buy them anywhere, if I've got cash to spare, let me share some whole new products with you. ♬



17 Photos That Are Worth Even More Than A Thousand Words

One look at these photos and you'll understand everything that led up to them.

Andy Golder • 8 hours ago
Jame Jackson • 1 hour ago
Marissa G. Muller • 8 hours ago
Ryan Schocket • 1 hour ago

What "Game Of Thrones" Scenes Look Like On Your Screen Versus Real Life

Here's what you can expect if you find yourself in Belfast.

21 Pictures That Will Immediately Cause You To Facepalm

Mildly terrified for humanity right now.

Stephen LaConte • 5 hours ago

Eat Too Much Chocolate To See Who Your Disney BFF Would Be

Disney friends are the best friends!

rheakurien • 58 minutes ago
Jame Jackson • 2 hours ago

18 Rom-Com Movie Moments That Are 100% Problematic And 200% Disturbing

"Have you ever fallen in love with somebody you haven't even talked to?" —While You Were Sleeping

33 Travel Products That Might Make You Forget You Didn't Get Upgraded To First Class

That first class feeling without having to worry if you'll be upgraded.

30 Things You'll Probably Assume Are More Expensive, But They're Not

It turns out luxury doesn't always have too high a ~price~.

Emma McAnaw • 3 hours ago
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