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    20 Items You Should Probably Be Replacing More Than You Are

    🎵"You're replaceableeeee..." 🎵—Beyonce talking about your kitchen sponge (probably)

    1. Your cookware set because if you haven't been able to really get your pots and pans clean for a while now, it's probably a sign you should just upgrade so you can actually cook your food evenly.

    2. Sponges. They can get dirtier than a toilet set (😱) in about a month, if you use them daily. So, you should invest in a good set to keep your dishes *actually* clean.

    3. Toilet brushes in general are gross, and they should be changed every six months to a year to insure that they really are doing their job.

    4. Bras – sadly, they aren't made to last forever and when you feel the stretchiness gone (i.e. your once-favorite bra is now uncomfortable), it's a sign you need to invest in new ones to keep you (and your boobs) happy.

    5. Sunscreen has an expiration date!!! Most only last for a year or two, so before you head out to your first beach day of the summer, make sure that you've got working sunscreen to protect you.

    6. Sheets are something you use every night to sleep in, so even if you wash them, they'll get run down and should be replaced every two to three years.

    7. Bug spray, similar to sunscreen, loses its effectiveness over time, so in order to keep those little buggers away from you, plan to grab a new bottle every year.

    8. Towels generally should be replaced every one to two years in order to keep them in tip-top shape to dry you off.

    9. Makeup brushes don't last forever, even if you do take care of them and clean them regularly, so when you start finding the hair falling out or they just look a little worse for wear, take the initiative to get some new ones.

    10. Pillows should be replaced every one to two years, and even if that's a figurative pain in the neck, it's better than an *actual* pain in the neck from flat pillows.

    11. Your cutting board should still look ~sharp~ when you use it, so that means if there's so many cut marks in it you can't cut something flat, that's a good sign you need a new one.

    12. It's pretty well-known that toothbrushs should be replaced a few times a year, but do you actually do that? If you don't do that, you can help yourself by signing up for a subscription that send new heads to your door every three months.

    13. Power strip don't last forever, and if you can't remember when you bought one, it probably means that it's not as powerful as you need it to be.

    14. Bath poufs spend most of their time in a damp place, which is a breeding ground for bacteria, so you should wash/replace them every few weeks. Yes, you heard that right.

    15. Food storage containers can only take so much, especially if you microwave, so you should switch them out every couple years, or when they start to look a little rough around the edges.

    16. Bath rugs should be cleaned regularly (yes, that means every couple weeks), so yours has seen better days, it's a good ~step~ to get a new one.

    17. Your water pitcher and filter may tell you when you need to replace the actual filter, but that doesn't mean that the pitcher itself will last forever. It's not a good thing if you find mold in the inside of the pitcher...

    18. Razors get dull over time, and depending on how often you use them, you might need to chance them as often as monthly. Thankfully, Billie takes the guesswork out of that and has a quiz that'll help you see how often you really should be changing the blades.

    19. Your first aid kit is supposed to help you when you get injured, but if you're using ointment that expired in 2012, that's going to be kind of hard.

    20. Hairbrushes are another item you need to replace depending on how often you use them – they can be breeding grounds for bacteria, so they should be swapped out every six months to a year.

    Thinking about the amount of bacteria that's accumulating on my bath pouf....

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