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    Updated on Oct 9, 2019. Posted on Oct 7, 2019

    16 "Men Have An Underdeveloped Frontal Lobe" Tweets To Put A Smile On Straight Women's Faces

    "Males aren't ripe until 30. Yup, I said it."


    Can’t wait til boys are 25..........and that frontal lobe develops.... mmmmm


    She died doing what she loved, waiting for his frontal lobe to develop.


    @EdenSemel Once my frontal lobe finishes developing its over for u hoez


    fuck this 25 and frontal lobe fully developed shit. males aren’t ripe until 30. yup I said it. @ me.


    oh ur bf has a great job, is 6'4, and has healthy coping mechanisms? well guess what honey, he's 24. and im 25. which means i have a fully developed frontal lobe and he doesn't ,


    i didn’t ghost u it’s just my frontal lobe isn’t fully developed yet i literally forgot we were dating


    guys be like: “once my frontal lobe fully develops it’s over for you hoes” bro you’ve been addicted to the juul for three years now and u go through a pod a day ur shit ain’t ever gonna fully develop 😭😌


    Just found out that even though I’m tall, rich, and famous, i won’t get a gf because I’m only 22 and my frontal lobe won’t be fully developed for three more years


    who needs a fully developed frontal lobe when u can just have a massive dong


    only 3 more years until my frontal lobe is fully formed and i have to stop cheating on my girlfriends


    @pissboymcgee 18-buy nicotine products 21-legally drink 25-fully devolved frontal lobe and low car insurance Life’s really a movie


    men ain’t even got a fully developed brain until they’re 25... you fuckin with a dude, whole time his frontal lobe missin!!! it’s an evil world we live in


    setting my minimum bumble age to 25 so i only get dudes with that sweet, sweet developed frontal lobe


    @EdenSemel that frontal lobe rlly be the source of our problems 🥺

    In conclusion:

    Sweetheart I have TERRIBLE news

    boy do I have some bad news for you

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