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    17 Photos That Are Worth Even More Than A Thousand Words

    One look at these photos and you'll understand everything that led up to them.

    1. The case of the missing 69:

    2. This custom controller, sadly listed for sale:

    The environmental storytelling on this depop listing is wild

    3. An attempt was made:

    KiraWang / Via

    4. This instruction, in Sharpie:

    5. I like to think there was an entire (Horney)Town Hall meeting about this:

    6. One can only imagine what led to this sign:

    7. There's only one culprit:

    8. A mistake was made here:

    9. Just.....don't:

    10. The title tells one story. The answer tells an even better one:

    11. The only question here is whether the sign was changed before or after:

    Turmolt / Via

    12. The question is, how many of these comments were the exact same joke?

    13. If you listen, you can still hear the frustrated yelling:

    14. Hmmmm:

    15. There's nothing sadder than a discarded mix CD:

    Environmental storytelling is pretty ripe about now

    16. Well, SOMEthing happened here:

    SmotherTeresa / Via

    17. And finally...this one tells a story, but I have no idea what that story actually is:

    rob1150 / Via

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