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    17 Easy-To-Use Gadgets That Can Help To Make Your Life Easier

    These products require little to no effort to actually use, perfect for all my fellow technophobes.

    1. This item finder, which lets you call your phone and your keys.

    2. Save paper and write to your heart’s content with this everlasting notebook.

    3. Make your oral hygiene more quick and effective with an electric toothbrush.

    4. Charge your phone hassle-free with this wireless phone charger.

    5. And if you hate your earphone wires constantly getting tangled, try this tiny earphone wire holder.

    6. Save time and energy with these timer sockets.

    7. This alarm clock will help make your mornings less morning-y.

    8. Give your pores a deep clean with this blackhead remover vacuum.

    9. And open your pores before cleaning out the gunk with this highly rated face steamer.

    10. Give your skin a deeper clean with this electric face massager, which customers swear works just as well as the cult favourite brand – but at a fraction of the price!

    11. If ironing is the bane of your life, this clothes steamer is a much quicker option.

    12. This electric blanket will help you to reach ultimate cosiness levels.

    13. And this foot warmer, if your toes can never stay warm.

    14. Block out noisy commuters with these over-ear headphones.

    15. Never miss the postman again with this video doorbell that connects to your phone.

    16. Keep your cards safe with this RFID blocking wallet.

    17. And finally, this anti theft backpack which does so much more than carry your laptop.